Apr 23, 2014


A to Z Challenge: T

Something actually written right here, right now.

You took my breath away that day I saw you standing there.  Not just a whiff of air or a slight gasp, I mean my lungs collapsed.  They had to.  My heart was filling with just too much adoration for there to be room for anything else.  And it feels like a heavy weight sitting against my bones, like lifting a boulder with every pulse, but in a good way, in a I-would-be-a-gym-junkie-with-the-world-on-my-shoulders-like-Hercules-for-you kind of way.  Every time I close my eyes and picture you, that radiance, your crazy daring smile I feel such contentedness fill me up that it doesn't matter if I can't breathe.

You took my breath away but you gave me life in return.

Pyro - Kings of Leon
Seekir - Zola Jesus
Coming Around - Hungry Kids of Hungary
Broken Bones - The Holidays
the joy,
when google recognises contentedness as a word,
from sjp

Apr 22, 2014


Ally in Wonderland

"To sail beyond this place, can you imagine it!" The Captain raised his spyglass to the horizon, golden rays catching his face in a spectacular glow.  His smile was infectious as Ally lent against the starboard hedge alongside him watching the mist swirl around them, the sails wavering in the breeze, and breathed in the calm.

The air began to cool as clouds scudded across the sky, smothering the suns warmth and bringing darkness to the rippling waters below.  Glancing down she frowned at her reflection wishing for the return of the joyous weather, preferring the illusion of sailing through the heavens instead of the murky river lapping at their earthy hull.  She stared at the swirling depths, watching the silt dance in the light currents, the Captain humming a solemn tune as he paced the decks.

With a scream she threw herself backwards, clutching her trembling lips as she tried to distance herself from the nightmare she had spied beneath the surface.  The waters began to broil, rising up suddenly as if caught in a tempest from the deepest sea, spraying the little vessel venomously as if to spite the voyagers.  The sails shuddered violently with her beating heart, whipping back and forth in the erratic winds.

"My dear, hold tight!" He warned.  "Do not abandon ship, do not go into the water!" He looked to her gravely, knowing what she had seen, the nervousness and grief plain upon his face.

"What is happening?" she cried as the ships hull crashed against a wave, throwing her into the arms of the Captain.

"Do not lose hold whatever you do my dear! You must stay on this ship!"

The fog closed in, salty air choking her lungs as suddenly the arms around her vanished and silence began to suffocate her.  All she could hear was the far off creaking of the deck and yet she realised she was no longer standing upon it; all orientation was lost.  A distance voice cried out and she recognised it as the Captain's.

"Matilda! Matilda! I'm sorry!"

She felt so dazed, as if she were floating, the water cool around her as the tiny currents swept around her limbs like silk against her skin.  Yet she felt so heavy, it didn't make sense.  Kicking fervently she tried to call out, swallowing the tepid water that coursed around her, her hands caught by something that made her cringe beneath its touch, claws digging into her wrists as a garish face came into sight, baring its teeth in malicious laughter it began to drag her down.

keep your life vests on,
from sjp.

Apr 21, 2014


A to Z Challenge

The sun set a glowing ambiance as wisps of her hair were stirred against the wind.  There she sat on the rough brick pillar awaiting something and I could tell her mind was lost, coursing through some unreachable self conscious.  Her eyes flitted across the air, as if mapping those rapid thoughts or trying to catch those particles of dust that simmered in the suns gaze.  To others passing through the plaza she was merely background noise.  Just another young person loitering.  Yet I couldn't help but become entranced by her movements and wonder what fantastic possibilities were forming in that whirlwind of contemplation.  The small flash of light at her neck where she repeatedly twirled two silver keys around a simple chain while the other hand drummed a silent rhythm against the concrete. 

Everything about her reflected simplicity and calm, from the plain black tank top and denim shorts to her general manner as she leaned back on her hands, legs crossed, and watched the others streaming past.  I could tell she had no interest in people watching, it was more out of habit as she cast her eyes across the individual before moving to the next.  There was no smirk of disdain or haughty expression of judgement, just the occasional frown as a thought was produced, gradually drawing her gaze back to the air.

And then she would smile, this beautiful grin that barely held back the laughter in her breath, the one that made me desperately curious.  Those eyes still shining with amusement at her minds conversation when she sees me approach, and my heart stumbles as they crinkle with further delight.


From sjp.

Apr 15, 2014


A to Z Challenge

a mood lightener for the day,

I am mischief.

Driven by the laughter that electrifies my veins.

They call me trouble.

But really, its an addiction.

a tablespoon of sugar,
from sjp.

Apr 12, 2014

Jacilyn and Kai

One of the first scenes I wrote for my WIP,
But was too scared to post it
 for A to Z two years ago.

"Please find whoever holds this Maeus," Lady Jacilyn murmured, placing the parchment shadowed by charcoal in the segeant's hand. "And bring them safely here."

"I will do my best my Lady; given the circumstances you understand." He stated curtly, examining the detailed sketch before leaving with a warm farewell.

"It will never cease to amaze me how you have such powerful figures at your beck and call."  Kai commented dryly, pulling a stray thread from a rustic tapestry absentmindedly.

"He is a respectable man and will do the right thing" she said, ignoring his statement.

"I still do not see why I cannot just fetch this person you're after.  What is it they have?" Kai queried.

"Evelyn's necklace."

Kai released the thread, unable to voice the thoughts clambering for his attention.

"I saw it a few days ago and it took a while to confirm but there it is," she explained. "She is sending us a message."

"Wait, you mean she isn't here? Where did you see it?"  Kai asked desperately, staring into her eyes as if the answer were reflected there.  He needed to know, it had been five years since he last saw his older sister.

"It was being carried through the Dunes but by now it will probably be reaching the border," then, in a quieter voice, she added "You could see it if you tried".

He turned to face the Eastern window pretending he hadn't heard, imagining the desert beyond the mountains, and wondering, not for the first time, what his sister was doing.

"Your 'dreams'," she continued. "Are proof of your ability Kai, why can you not just accept this fate you have been dealt and embrace-"

"They are proof of nothing!" Kai snapped turning to face her. "Merely coincidence".  He was sick of these arguments, of having to constantly set his mother straight on the issue. "I wish you would see this and discontinue this attempt to persuade me otherwise."  Returning to the window he added under his breath, "It is no wonder Evelyn left this place."

It was pointless, Lady Jacilyn missed nothing.

"Your sister was brash and believed she was meant for a higher purpose than serving the royals of this territory," she snapped back. "At least she understood her gift and gladly employed it. You should be honoured to have been born a See-"

"Do not speak to me of Seers, they are just stories, long forgotten ones at that." He retorted.

"Do you doubt my skill?" she asked quietly.

He felt his frustration dissipate. "Of course not."

"Then what am I if not a Seer? What is Evelyn if not a Seer?"

Kai sighed knowing he had lost this argument.  He could easily deny is so called gift but he could not deny theirs. "You are very talented people, talent that I do not share." He said before wishing her a good night and departing.

Now you've met everyone,
From sjp
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