Apr 12, 2014

Jacilyn and Kai

One of the first scenes I wrote for my WIP,
But was too scared to post it
 for A to Z two years ago.

"Please find whoever holds this Maeus," Lady Jacilyn murmured, placing the parchment shadowed by charcoal in the segeant's hand. "And bring them safely here."

"I will do my best my Lady; given the circumstances you understand." He stated curtly, examining the detailed sketch before leaving with a warm farewell.

"It will never cease to amaze me how you have such powerful figures at your beck and call."  Kai commented dryly, pulling a stray thread from a rustic tapestry absentmindedly.

"He is a respectable man and will do the right thing" she said, ignoring his statement.

"I still do not see why I cannot just fetch this person you're after.  What is it they have?" Kai queried.

"Evelyn's necklace."

Kai released the thread, unable to voice the thoughts clambering for his attention.

"I saw it a few days ago and it took a while to confirm but there it is," she explained. "She is sending us a message."

"Wait, you mean she isn't here? Where did you see it?"  Kai asked desperately, staring into her eyes as if the answer were reflected there.  He needed to know, it had been five years since he last saw his older sister.

"It was being carried through the Dunes but by now it will probably be reaching the border," then, in a quieter voice, she added "You could see it if you tried".

He turned to face the Eastern window pretending he hadn't heard, imagining the desert beyond the mountains, and wondering, not for the first time, what his sister was doing.

"Your 'dreams'," she continued. "Are proof of your ability Kai, why can you not just accept this fate you have been dealt and embrace-"

"They are proof of nothing!" Kai snapped turning to face her. "Merely coincidence".  He was sick of these arguments, of having to constantly set his mother straight on the issue. "I wish you would see this and discontinue this attempt to persuade me otherwise."  Returning to the window he added under his breath, "It is no wonder Evelyn left this place."

It was pointless, Lady Jacilyn missed nothing.

"Your sister was brash and believed she was meant for a higher purpose than serving the royals of this territory," she snapped back. "At least she understood her gift and gladly employed it. You should be honoured to have been born a See-"

"Do not speak to me of Seers, they are just stories, long forgotten ones at that." He retorted.

"Do you doubt my skill?" she asked quietly.

He felt his frustration dissipate. "Of course not."

"Then what am I if not a Seer? What is Evelyn if not a Seer?"

Kai sighed knowing he had lost this argument.  He could easily deny is so called gift but he could not deny theirs. "You are very talented people, talent that I do not share." He said before wishing her a good night and departing.

Now you've met everyone,
From sjp

Apr 10, 2014


Credit: myself

The humidity hung in the air like a thick blanketing mist grounding everything.  A singular solar ray breached the darkening sky above resembling a heavenly lighthouse.

She had returned.

The time away had been unbearable.  It had not been possible for Zara to leave this place behind her, abandoned like the vague trails of an evaporating dream.

Yet already it had changed.  The scattered wall of foliage was tensed and still, anticipating the approaching summer storm.  She could feel the static rising from the damp soil, that strong smell of rain infiltrating her senses.  Her lungs inhaled deeply as she lay against a column of rich bark following the trail of its roots with her hands.  That all too human affliction of needing to touch and feel, to claim some form of connectivity, overwhelming her.

At first she glowed with the euphoria of her private discovery, but then had come an endless need to be a part of this world, festering bitterly within until she found her way back.

She sat in stillness as the rain began to fall, hammering the ground around her in a deafening crescendo for hours until repreive.  The forest had withstood, taking no notice of the ravaging elements, as it would take no notice of her when she again disappeared.

Previous - Sit Under a Tree

From sjp

Apr 9, 2014



A pair of scissors.  Thats what saved me the first time.  We had moved to our neighbours home, we felt safer having a second storey, safer with less windows and back doors.  It was usually easy to dodge around the strays, they were fairly mindless back then, their bodies too overcome with shock to fight back, too deteriorated to think of surviving.  But some still struggled, it became awful out on the streets, the ones that floundered in their illness, that had not lost all conscious thought in fever; and they begged.  They stumbled after you, the rot in their breath suffocating as they pulled at you, begging and begging for help.  As if these poor terrified people could offer anything but ignorance.

I was so stupid that night.  The adults were away at one of many meetings to centre the fear and panic.  And I was stupid, and opened the front door.  I stared at his twisted ankle, the soiled suit he was probably unable to take off, and that desolate face that would only ever know hunger.  Slamming the door shut cannot save you, they are like any living thing with a keen sense of awareness.  When the feature glass window shattered I cried out, running through the rooms without thinking until I found it.  Hurrying back his face was pressed against the wire lattice with teeth working against the promise of flesh close by.  So I plunged my mothers antique sowing scissors into his forehead and never looked back.

I have too many zombie dreams,
From sjp

Apr 8, 2014



They dont come back; the children. Between the grief of the living and the greed of the dead it was only a matter of time before a rift of distrust and contempt rose between the ranks.  The spite that the dead flouted their second chances, while a poor mother wept at her childs tomb.  The time of optimism was the worst of it, the expectation and hope, that the strange force would once again lift the hand of youth, until the living were sent mad with denial, and the dead realised they would be eternally bereft of innocence.  The stares, the hate, its as though the dead took the children away.

These days with so much terror cast upon the classes by the fog, a new school of belief had arisen; perhaps the children had been saved, because this chaos had become their hell.

With clarity left to come,
From sjp

Apr 7, 2014



For Now.

I hate these words.  The deceit those who utter them are plagued with, convincing themselves that a hardship is only temporary, that soon they will act to change themselves or their situation.

It is always a lie.

From sjp
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