Jul 20, 2011

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"Status anxiety"

If you know the security guard at a chemist your a druggy...

Blazor glanced up at the fluroscent light that was flickering in the alleyway before gently laying down the limp body on the pavement.  The faint blue light casting a gruesome scene through the shadows and making it seem as though there was a stranger at every corner, watching him, judging him.  Feeling the paranoia creeping up his spine he knelt by the body with his back to the brick grime covered wall, ready to sprint at any sign of movement.  He strained his hearing against the night but was met with a silence that seemed to crush him.

For a few minutes it was all he could do to look at the bruise growing from the inside of her forearm.  Everytime someone made that mark it was like creating a blackhole that sucked the life out of you; it never stopped.  Holding the arm he rubbed his thumb over the artery as if he could erase where the needle syringe had entered.

"Espy...you there?"  he muttered, sweeping the thin blonde hair away to reveal a small graze lining the girl's cheekbone.  Cursing under his breath Blazor had began to gingerly remove grains of dirt and asphalt when a sound coming from behind him just about sent him running until he realised it was his phone vibrating against the brickwork.  Staring at the number he felt his heart beating faster but for a different reason.

"Duke what the hell are you on!" Blazor hissed.  "Espy's in a real bad way and I'm thinking I'll need some legals-"

"Mate, this is not on, bring her back and I'll forgive you.  Otherwise things are gonna get twisted"

"Forgive me?!  You've bloody killed her!".  Blazor immediately stood up and began pacing; leapt up, his body launching into a furious pace, events were moving too fast for him to get a grip on.  Agitation itched at his skin and the need for urgency lingered on the edge of his thoughts.

"Don't freak you pussy she just shot above her weight, now bring my goddamn girlfriend back before I get real angry" Duke growled back.

This wasn't right; and without fully being aware of it Blazor was yelling at Duke to stay away from her and throwing his mobile into the darkness of the alley.  Kneeling beside Espy once more he placed two fingers against her neck and prayed for the first time in his life.  The swell of emotions choking him until a dull throb radiated beneath his fingertips, the smooth rhythym enveloping him until he could breathe again.  Cradling her small frame he rested his head on hers as the turmoil of fear was replaced with sheer exhaustion and closed his eyes, still praying she would open hers soon.

Jaq x

Jul 1, 2011


I am here to release the words that are constantly fluttering about within my mind,
to recreate those moments of rapid inspiration that are often forgotten,
to further explore my own ancient scrawlings, and
to ultimately uncover the stories within.

Waiting in anticipation of your curiosity...
x Jaq
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