Aug 24, 2011

Scarlett Street

Write On Wednesday
"Take a Walk"

How easily a stream of consciousness can run away from us,
but reality is often quick to catch up.

The wind drifted down the street, carrying the obnoxious sounds of the suburbs with it.
She peered through her gentle lashes and watched the black and red thatched skirt bounce against her legs as she walked.  The afternoon sun drenching the world in a scarlet sepia, inviting her mind to wander as her body did.

"Scarlett..." she whispered; intrigued by the way it flowed from the lips.  Her lips.

Thrilled by this world of red and mystery she now traversed through, swishing her skirt as she walked, the movement of her hips maintaining its momentum.  What if I could be Scarlett?  She cast her eyes across the auburn air that hummed with the possibility; a brief reflection replicating this thought as its wavering figure imitated her stride.  The legs seemed impossibly long and slender as they swayed past her and she became entranced with her own pace, summoning some unknown confidence that seemed only fitting for her rosy world.

She was Scarlett

The one the burning sun bowed to each evening, and who was blessed with the beauty of the promiscuous moon herself.

Gentlemen would quarrel and brood for the chance to escort her, their faces flushed the deepest red in her presence.

There would be nightly cocktail parties held in ruby ballrooms where her guests would gather in awe as she descended the grand stair case, her deep crimson gown a shimmering expression of her true self. 

Her soul would be constantly alight and inspire a searing passion in all who sighted her...

The static sounds of the suburbs punctured the air in one eruption; like resurfacing from a dream.  Suddenly the area appeared less inflamed by the illusion of the retiring sun; the shades of scarlet a little less sharp.  Voices carried through with one in particular catching her attention as they called after her.

"Mary wait!" The boy reached where she stood, still recovering from her submersion.  "You dropped your cardigan".  He smiled as he returned her worn possession causing her to blush slightly, reminding her of the remnants of her daydream.

"Call me Scarlett" She said coyly, slipping her hand into his.  He watched the action and began to smile, gently stroking her hand with his.

"How about I call you Mary and you can call me Mark,"  he laughed as her blush increased in intensity.  "And you let me walk you home"

Take a Walk.  See what you find.
Jaq xx

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