Aug 3, 2011

Sit Under a Tree

Write On Wednesday
"Sit Under a Tree and Write"

The visual can be a powerful incentive, you just have to see it.
As nature resides.

Through the sea of camoflague she tread, the moist earth warm against her bare feet.  The compulsive wariness that is the only defence against the strange vanished as she opened herself to the illusion.  Her mind was out of the question, processing her surroundings only with her eyes.  Without realising it she began to trail her fingers lightly across the natural architecture; the swaying canopy supported by sturdy wooden pillars that appeared to glow in the setting sun.  Above, a mosaic of purple hues formed through the treetops.  It was like the forrest was split into two worlds, seperated by the fractured light that spilled from the sun and what was reflected from the sky.  A soft wind floated past spinning inconspicuous particles through the shafts of light, throwing them into sight.  Zara felt the breath slip from her lungs as the air glistened, the life that pulsated in everything there embodied by a spark.  In the distance a windchime released its metallic hum, beckoning her to memories of her childhood.  This area teased with the irresistable yet was always just too far out of reach; possessed by a haunting waltz that Zara could never quite keep time with.  It made her want to cry and laugh and jump all at once so she could only manage a strangled gasp.

This place was too much, every inch threatening perfection, no one could belong here for too long...  It was torture to consider leaving.  For the first time since she arrived Zara stopped.  Glancing around she realised the trees and air and light continued their mysterious dance, and felt a sense of loss that it had not stopped and waited for her.  All this was not here for her, it had merely allowed her to be here.  Turning around she stepped out onto a rocky outcrop and closed her eyes, imprinting those elements in her mind, too frightened to think that the memory would not be eternal.  And with the final note from the chime she retreated to the safety of the known.

forever Jaq xx

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