Oct 26, 2011

Night Vision

Write On Wednesday
"I Thought I Saw"

Our awareness can become our enemy while waiting on a street at night.

I thought I saw...

A silhouette skittering across the skyline.

The destination unknown and origins undecipherable.

But that split second had been captured upon my retina.

The briefest moment of a stranger's dash beyond the veil had become the latest feature screening through my minds eye. A recurring flickering motion pitched in greyscale.

Something so peculiar and rapid occurring within a zone of central normality, it hardly seemed correct. The unconcious shroud that covered the unremarkable smear of suburbia had been pierced.

Tiredness and a straying gaze were far from helpful companions on such a dark and deserted night, and reason had seemingly abandoned me.

My will argued radically, determined to dissuade itself from believing what it had just moments before established as truth.

A thought that swung on the slightest of pendulums.

Anothers presence became apparent through a blinding beam of light that suffocated my vision, instantaneous in its effect to render my senses redundant and leaving me with only a fluttering percussion radiating from my chest.

A sudden flash and a secondary dash.

The certainty that clung to me felt impulsive after such agonising deliberation; but certain I found myself to be.

This was not my place.

Some things should remain unseen.

Jaq xx


  1. I almost cannot believe how beautiful this is. Every sentence is loaded with an artful masterpiece of words, each word perfectly chosen, each idea wonderfully stated. I wish I could write half as well as this. I absolutely love what you have managed to do here.

    / Rain

  2. That is amazing Rain, I was reading through your work and experiencing the same thoughts, I guess all it takes is another perspective.

    I'm glad this piece worked well as it came quite easily, must practice that...

  3. I'm flattered! Thank you!

    Yep, you should practise these writing exercises, and you should link them up on InkPaperPen's page so the rest of us can feast on your wonderful writing. =)

    / Rain


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