Nov 27, 2011


Sometimes a string of words can form a deeper meaning.

Being so close to fall but still too far,
Holding your breath for fear of losing it,
And never knowing what will happen.

The truth at its cruelest.

Then sometimes its just words.
Jaq x

Nov 18, 2011

The Other Side

Write On Wednesday
"Very Pleased to Meet You"

As they wait and wonder,
will an unexpected reveal be imminent?

"You go on, I'll be okay, I can dream the rest away"

These are the words that are emitted with clear focus and pleasant volume.  And the coincidence that arises to compliment this post could not have been more prepared if I had intended it so.  Here I was awaiting something to flow to my fingertips from some unknown and meaningful part inside of me, and the playlist I had crafted one night previous showed me the way.

That is the truth of my existence, music and melodies guiding me through the chaotic scramblings that revolve constantly in my mind.  It is my one true passion; that which I have joyfully dedicated what portion of my life that I can to.  All of my writing is inspired and influenced by the songs and albums that I delightfully acquire, I cannot listen to the mixture of carefully crafted lyrics and instrumentals without sinking into a different place, exploring the concepts they propose, visualising how the video clip should be directed...

I would be the first to admit that I do not publicly declare the presence of my creativity; it took a while for even myself to acknowledge this pursuit.  The few times I did choose to seek advice or even a slight response to a piece it was often brushed aside with indifference, thus I prefer my anonymity.  I am the secret scribe and until I secure a sense of stability, so I will remain.

And so I sit and gaze at the distracted spring weather evolving outside the window, feeling some relief from the last few weeks of stress, pondering where I should start in regards to editing and developing the wealth of ideas that have been conceived thanks to WoW.  My future is aligned, and I look forward to hours spent wandering outside with a notepad drenched in illegible thoughts.

ever present within the shadows
Jaq xx

Nov 9, 2011


Write On Wednesday,
"We are learning to make fire".

The scorched earth growled weakly, flinching beneath the unyielding fingers that clawed at it, relentless in their effort to tear at its substance. An irrepressible blaze radiated across the landscape, engulfing all that succumbed to it.

Through the flames a smile spread as maliciously as the element it had invoked.

"Tonight, we learn to make the Fire little one".

The whisper caressed the air just as the fiery tongues lashed at it, hissing in return.

There were some who drew strength from the chaos that rose from the darkness; and the Mistress was one. Although she stood silent and unmoving, her eyes mirrored the harsh scene, light dancing within her determined gaze as it reveled its glorious release.

The eternal hunger burned restlessly below, constantly seeking sustenance without repent. Heat glared at all that surrounded it cowering the living into submission. All the while the inferno reached desperately for the sky lingering above, sparking and falling in frustration.

Unable to withstand the radical fervour being shaped before him any longer, Ollie took flight. A small current lifted him from the grasp of the smothering smoke clouds and helped to settle his agitated feathers.

Beneath the untouched heavens, the Fatherland was eclipsed in a burning anarchy.

Chaos empowers the soul,
Jaq xx

Nov 3, 2011

Ausmusic Month

Welcome To...

For the month of November, a radio station worth listening to Triple J are celebrating Australian music.  If you have not had the luxury of being aware of the treasures that lay in waiting you have been sorely deprived.

Australian music is true enjoyment and can be found in abundance if you know where to look, best of all it is always in season.

Here are a few tunes I recently discovered from Triple J Unearthed which manage to form quite a complimentary playlist.

Baby Teeth - Caitlin Park
Dead Loss - Little Scout
Face the Fire - Jimblah
Tapioca - New Navy
Vintage Books - Cloud Control

Feel free to browse through the hundreds of local artists, download these fine soundwaves, or stay tuned for more delightful music updates.

And don't forget to wish everyone a Happy Ausmusic Month!

This is my obsession,
from sjp.
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