Nov 3, 2011

Ausmusic Month

Welcome To...

For the month of November, a radio station worth listening to Triple J are celebrating Australian music.  If you have not had the luxury of being aware of the treasures that lay in waiting you have been sorely deprived.

Australian music is true enjoyment and can be found in abundance if you know where to look, best of all it is always in season.

Here are a few tunes I recently discovered from Triple J Unearthed which manage to form quite a complimentary playlist.

Baby Teeth - Caitlin Park
Dead Loss - Little Scout
Face the Fire - Jimblah
Tapioca - New Navy
Vintage Books - Cloud Control

Feel free to browse through the hundreds of local artists, download these fine soundwaves, or stay tuned for more delightful music updates.

And don't forget to wish everyone a Happy Ausmusic Month!

This is my obsession,
from sjp.

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