Nov 9, 2011


Write On Wednesday,
"We are learning to make fire".

The scorched earth growled weakly, flinching beneath the unyielding fingers that clawed at it, relentless in their effort to tear at its substance. An irrepressible blaze radiated across the landscape, engulfing all that succumbed to it.

Through the flames a smile spread as maliciously as the element it had invoked.

"Tonight, we learn to make the Fire little one".

The whisper caressed the air just as the fiery tongues lashed at it, hissing in return.

There were some who drew strength from the chaos that rose from the darkness; and the Mistress was one. Although she stood silent and unmoving, her eyes mirrored the harsh scene, light dancing within her determined gaze as it reveled its glorious release.

The eternal hunger burned restlessly below, constantly seeking sustenance without repent. Heat glared at all that surrounded it cowering the living into submission. All the while the inferno reached desperately for the sky lingering above, sparking and falling in frustration.

Unable to withstand the radical fervour being shaped before him any longer, Ollie took flight. A small current lifted him from the grasp of the smothering smoke clouds and helped to settle his agitated feathers.

Beneath the untouched heavens, the Fatherland was eclipsed in a burning anarchy.

Chaos empowers the soul,
Jaq xx


  1. Your writing style is as relentless and fierce as the fire you describe. I admire the way you breathed life into everything --the earth, the fire, the self-intoxicated (or so she seemed to me) woman's whisper-- and made its actions and reactions seem almost human. The fire reaching for the sky and failing repeatedly, the earth rumbling in patient annoyance, the Mistress's smile spreading maliciously: all were beautiful images to me.

    Excellent work!

    / Rain

  2. I agree with Rain! The images you've created are magical. Awesome piece!

  3. Thank you both I do enjoy writing about fire and such, I rushed the end a little as I was caught up by an idea and must go back to edit and explore when I have time.

  4. That would be great, Jaq; I'd love to read more about the Mistress and Ollie.

    / Rain

  5. I agree with Rain - this is wonderfully relentless and doesn't let the reader go!
    There's some great imagery here, but what stands out for me is that you did a fine job of creating a long, sensuous, deliciously flammable description of fire, without using any familiar phrases. Pat yourself on the back! :)


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