Nov 18, 2011

The Other Side

Write On Wednesday
"Very Pleased to Meet You"

As they wait and wonder,
will an unexpected reveal be imminent?

"You go on, I'll be okay, I can dream the rest away"

These are the words that are emitted with clear focus and pleasant volume.  And the coincidence that arises to compliment this post could not have been more prepared if I had intended it so.  Here I was awaiting something to flow to my fingertips from some unknown and meaningful part inside of me, and the playlist I had crafted one night previous showed me the way.

That is the truth of my existence, music and melodies guiding me through the chaotic scramblings that revolve constantly in my mind.  It is my one true passion; that which I have joyfully dedicated what portion of my life that I can to.  All of my writing is inspired and influenced by the songs and albums that I delightfully acquire, I cannot listen to the mixture of carefully crafted lyrics and instrumentals without sinking into a different place, exploring the concepts they propose, visualising how the video clip should be directed...

I would be the first to admit that I do not publicly declare the presence of my creativity; it took a while for even myself to acknowledge this pursuit.  The few times I did choose to seek advice or even a slight response to a piece it was often brushed aside with indifference, thus I prefer my anonymity.  I am the secret scribe and until I secure a sense of stability, so I will remain.

And so I sit and gaze at the distracted spring weather evolving outside the window, feeling some relief from the last few weeks of stress, pondering where I should start in regards to editing and developing the wealth of ideas that have been conceived thanks to WoW.  My future is aligned, and I look forward to hours spent wandering outside with a notepad drenched in illegible thoughts.

ever present within the shadows
Jaq xx

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful introduction. =)

    It seems we share a love for that sublime and infinite art that is music. I understand your interaction with it perfectly. I too must enjoy music if I wish to fill notepads with illegible thoughts.

    I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, Jaq.

    / Rain


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