Dec 1, 2011


Write On Wednesday
'Notre Dame de Paris'

To the unknown past that lays behind, and holds its patrons close to heart.

Whimsical spatterings of light erupted from my footsteps, dancing beneath my trepid paces as the shadows shied away, retreating to their mass within the darkness as I watched.  Consumed.  The single flame rose from the wick steadily crafting its shape within the wax, hot drippings creeping from the melted pool. 
To wonder at the murky stone that surrounded myself, what lives must have transcended this same thick tunnel, the long past flesh that filled these halls, such history to be forgotten.  The loneliness of being left behind had been daunting, an old soul caught within a people who have abandoned such philosophical thoughts. 
Can I not yet find a place here?  The slender sickly guide to my sight continued to sweat profusely as the light hungers so, wavering against the damp drafts that journeyed with us.  To have waited like so many before, I am grateful.  The weary stump of wax is cast aside upon reaching the gateway to the open air, salvaging it from its imminent demise.  To now share their fate by sealing my own by the steely resolve of the executioners blade, I am honoured.

May I finally rest upon the wooden block and feel this release in its finality.

yours faithfully,
Jaq xx


  1. I kind of fell in love with the words here rather than reading the story the first time.

    The sentence 'crafting its shape within the wax' was incredibly descriptive as were many others.

    It's beautifully written but I almost found that a distraction.

    Hmm, I'm not explaining this very well at all!

    It's not a criticism, your writing made me concentrate, that's a good thing.

  2. I get what Sarah was saying! The description was powerful, I had to really concentrate. It feels like the story was buried under the imagery...But this can be a good thing. I'd like more on this one! The last line was intriguing and I especially liked the phrase "The loneliness of being left behind had been daunting, an old soul caught within a people who have abandoned such philosophical thoughts." I read this line over and over.


  3. I understand completely and admit I was quite caught up in the language rather than plot while writing it, I had intended only to write a note about the light beneath footsteps to remind myself yet it continued on.
    I wasnt entirely sure of the direction when I began, I just steered at each line and felt it became a letter of sorts.

    Its influence most likely stemmed from reading Robin Hobb, watching Game of Thrones and my exciting purchase of a book by Conn Iggulden.
    It was a good Wednesday :)

  4. I had to reread this to truly appreciate the story and the beauty in the words. Really neat take on the prompt,I like!


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