Dec 20, 2011


Five Sentence Fiction

She clutched feebly at her throat, struggling to keep the hysteria from bubbling forth, but her flesh was in a panic and it all seemed so beyond seriousness.  Her mind was drowning in sensation as she collapsed upon the rich sofa, tossing aside the adorning cushions and sinking into the satin layers of her gown.  The bright chandelier glared at her from above as it swayed like a pendulum, the candles fluctuating nervously while everything seemed to race to the rhythym of her pulse as it crashed beneath her chest.  Her painted lips fell open in laughter at the sight of the beautiful room dancing around her,  straining to lift her thin arms she flitted her hands back and forth, orchestrating the lights and colours that were spinning so fancifully, and wondered if this is what it was to die.

Wasn't it marvellous?

Craving the old centuries,
Jaq xx

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