Jan 26, 2012

Triple J Hottest 100

Today, it is the day across the nation that we celebrate our patriotism by wearing flags as capes and watching exploding lights burst in the night.

However, today is also the TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100 COUNTDOWN day!!  Only the most important day of the year, the one you look forward to and prepare for all year... You see, the trick to the Hottest 100 is, you can only vote for songs that were released in the past year.

So heres the basics for those of you who have just had your minds blown that there is some iconic countdown today that you have failed to prepare for, you can still participate!!

To the right, you can locate a widget that follows the latest additions to this countdown.  If you are in this country of origins please TUNE IN, if you are not so lucky, hope that your internet is blessed enough to cope with the demand of streaming it live.

Perhaps you have heard of Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye?  You have?  Congratulations, this has been pitched as the most likely contender for the top position of #1 in the countdown, although I am optimistic that the late release of Brother by Matt Corby will be carried through to the envious heights of the top 10 even.

I will be determindly keeping an ear out for the select few that managed to avoid the brutual elimination of my shortlist to become my top ten votes:

Ball Park Music - It's Nice To Be Alive
Big Scary - Gladiator
British India - March Into The Ocean
Example/Skream - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again
The Grates - Sweet Dreams
Grouplove - Tongue Tied
Papa Vs Pretty - One Of The Animals
San Cisco - Golden Revolver
Split Seconds - All You Gotta Do
Washington - Holy Moses

I am unashamedly pleased to announce as some background infomation that I managed to see four of these brilliant acts perform in the past year and they did nothing short of amaze the crowd.

So please, clutch the nearest radio device to your ear and do not surrender it.  Emerse yourself in what has been democratically deemed as the elite of what this great music culture has to offer.


always devoted and ecstatic,
from sjp.

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