Mar 24, 2012

A to Z Challenge

To confront a challenge head first,
with nothing more than the words on my fingertips.

After being caught up by the mass excitement that compelled me to sign up to this challenge to blog every day, I was consequently forced to face the reality of what my hands had invariably committed myself to.

A to Z Challenge (defn): To post each day of the month of April on the basis of the alphabet, excluding sundays...
 At first the only concerns that I paid any attention to was the fact that April is a very busy month.  Theres autumn to deal with, Easter, exams and assignments, my birth date, work...

Yet as I scoured every inch of the website endlessly hoping to prepare myself several other concerns sought to be revealed, such as the need for a theme, preparing posts prior to publishing and of course the ultimate destiny of a month of posts!  The realisation that this would outnumber any of my pieces that have already been exposed to the public disturbed my excitement-induced courage and confidence.

But what is the purpose of a challenge if not indeed to challenge!

And so in true tradition of my personality I am ignoring such facts and successfully avoiding any panic or nervousness and instead standing tall with the calm exterior that is my bravado.

I must advise you to take more than a cusory glance at this strange toast to the alphabet and perhaps see it as a chance to expand your writing horizons and experience a tappas of other writing blogs.  Perhaps you may even sign up

Finally, after partial consideration, I have decided upon a theme that will combine my true passions.  So feel welcome in observing the myriad of flash fiction, memorable photographs of past gigs, and diverse samples of music for your perspective.

expectantly enthusiastic,
Jaq and sjp

Mar 7, 2012

Insecure Writers

As we create these words of discovery,
so too do we often devise our own defeat.


Anonymity is seen as a merciful retreat in most respects.  As a writer, which is the first time I have called myself such, I uphold this vague presence as a way of protecting my work from any preconceptions readers may hold.  There is no bias or scrutiny that is not solely based upon what I have to offer in what I publish.

As I have implied previously, I maintain this pursuit seperately to my actual occupation.  I feel it grants me space to explore as I must without fearing the opinions of those who are not faceless and are acquainted with my physical self.  And that is my first insecurity.  Those who know of my writings are a rare species indeed and I doubt they understand the immense trust I am placing in them to review this piece or that, or the gut wrenching vulnerability that consumes me.

I am trapped by the fear that someone will stand over me, eyes watching my efforts, and declare "they are just words, nothing special, stop pretending you can write".  So I remain caught up in leading this double life, though it suits me and what I seek.  It is my work-life-write balance.

Yet sometimes the darkness becomes too much in the shadows and I have no one to consult, no one to remind me that there is something worthwhile in the words I craft.  I find my projects lose their direction, they feel bland, and everything blurs until it seems I just write the same sentence every time...

So how do I continue?

from sjp.

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