Apr 12, 2012


A To Z Challenge:  
Letter K.

Under there is a key,
To foresake it is to court chaos,
Turn to the daunting lock
as its depths contaminate your soul
and conquer it with release
Now find what you will,
do not turn back,
or the king will have our heads.

kept unaware,
Jaq xx

The Keeper - Sons of Rico
Kids - Ben Lee
The King Is Dead - The Herd
King of the Stars - Dr Don Don
Kiss With A Fist - Florence And The Machine

Authors note:  This was a draft that had become forgotten, now it shall be published to its rightful place.

Apr 10, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter I

Illness had occupied his senses, plunging his mind into fitful delirium while his body was plagued by weakness.  Scrambling thoughts sought to grasp any idea able to form between the cries of pain and waves of fever that rushed through, overwhelming and devastating leaving sweat soaked sheets in its wake.  The infection remained relentless, the cruelty of nature as it rose as an inferno from within, obliterating all resistance.  Three days had left him beyond exhaustion until he lay with his own fatal departure in sight, inhaling the scent of decay with each strained breath.

At its inception the casualties had been immediate.  Survivors were a temporary phenomenon filled with paranoia and fear before finally surrendering to the same fate as the ominous remains of their fellows.  At the outset he had yearned with such desperation for the gentleness of a soothing hand tending to his tormented body, for hope of escaping the impatient reach of death.  Yet as those around him were consumed and he became immobile, the near silence and impenetrable darkness of the fortified room grew to an idle calm, easing him towards that promised release.

With swollen eyes closed he envisioned the tranquillity of distant island shores, resting in the morning peace, illuminated by the warming rays of the rising sun.

And exhale,
Jaq xx

I Can Feel a Hot One - Manchester Orchestra
It's Real - Real Estate
In My Head - Queens of the Stoneage
I Wont Survive - The Grates
If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow

Apr 9, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter H
Hip Hop


Australian hip hop is the most unique form of its genre upholding such a diversity of influences.  Do not disown hip hop before you have followed the seamless lyrics and rhythms on offer.

Among the notable are Bliss N Eso showcasing a combination of talent from Australia and the States.  Astounding lyricism that beats the age of poets their albums are full of never ending energy that brings you to such a high when you truly immerse yourself.  Their live shows do not dissappoint and bring a whole new experience as their personalities alight on stage.  Of course Izm provides the best array of mixes.

I cannot highly recommend enough their albums Flying Colours and Running On Air.

Drapht is fantastic live also, obviously the crowds crave Jimmy Recard and show their unsuppressed excitement when they are obliged.  Another performer that uses all their energy and personality on stage.  Humour is well engaged with multiple references made during songs, mostly local so keep an ear out.

Other artists I would like to highlight are Seth Sentry, Horrorshow, Thundamentals, The Herd, 360, Hilltop Hoods, and The Melodics.

This is the twist of my inner revolution,
from sjp.

Simple Game - Seth Sentry
Sum of it All - The Herd
Donkey Kong Suicide - The Melodics
The Moses Twist - Bliss N Eso
Child - 360
Rapunzel - Drapht

(Language Warning)

Apr 7, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter G.

Gripping my shaking hands tightly the woman whispered feverishly, tracing the heavy creases that marked each hand.  She let out a worrisome groan whenever her fingertips touched upon the bruised and twisted lines, deeply coloured acrylic nails grating along my nerves.  Eyes entranced by this gypsy as she deciphered the message on my palms inscribed by chance, gritting my teeth awaiting her verdict.  Glancing up at the walls I focused on the antiquities this eclectic woman had claimed, the pastel portrait of a girl from some naive century grabbing my attention.

Without knowing I could tell she was graceful, poised in a light blue gown she appeared radiant.  Gentle slender hands held the end of a parasol, a devilish grin as she twirled it in the glorious summer scenery.  Rich hair flowing free I grew envious and longed for my tangles to resemble this petite goddess.  The question escaped my lips and the gypsy listened to my appreciation before releasing my hands.

Raising the candle that lit this small room she revealed an aged photograph with bony fingers hiding a gaunt face, the photographers hand outstretched towards the wild hair.  A gruesome contrast.

"There lies a ghost within all of us, bear grief well before it taints your soul as it did hers.  Always see past the guile a painting forms."  Placing a dusty laced corsage in my hands she escorted me out the door.  "Spirits are glad when they find their kindreds, her ghost follows you now".

Standing in the grey dusk, I stroked the light blue stain flower, a treasured gift.

Jaq xx

Golden Years - Bliss N Eso
Griffin - The Medics
The Good News - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Gabriel - Joe Goddard
Glass Jar - Ball Park Music

Apr 6, 2012

Fall from Grace

A to Z Challenge:  Letter F
Facade, Family, Fear.

Family is everything.

That is what you are told.

Family is everything.

So what happens when one night your world falls apart?  What happens when you make your appearance in that glorious ballroom, the favourite in their midst, treading lightly across the ivory stone, adjusting your fanciful skirts.

And no one recognises you?

What happens when the Family hold themselves composed behind the dramatics of this fa├žade, protected by the illusion of composure and certainty, and determine your fate?

What will you do when fear spreads through your mind, infecting you with confusion and frustration?

You will fall.

Your educated words will fail you.  Their stares and pity will fill you with panic as you realise you were not forgiven.  You will forget your dignity and cry out as your future is taken from you, the Family will be thorough.

You will stand, stricken and defeated by the faceless society that defined and finished you.  Struggling to maintain your status in this now foreign class.

I can see your eyes now, searching, pleading, frightened and not fully understanding.

You won't find me.

I did warn you.

to be faithful,
Jaq xx

Finders & Keepers - Felicity Groom
Fell in Love With a Girl - White Stripes
Feels Like Pain - The Grates
Favourite Colours - Emperors
Flame Trees - Sarah Blasko

Apr 5, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter E
An idea turned for this purpose.

Echoes sounded from the shuffling footsteps of the old man.  The long white room appeared to stretch eternal where the distant edges were cloaked in shadow.  The low ceiling was enveloped by dozens of old fashioned light globes hanging from the slightest of wires.  The crooked man observed one that was desperately emitting static flickers, disturbing the pale lit simplicity of this place.  Raising a thin aged nail he tapped the glass before murmuring in satisfaction as it regained its strength and moved on.

"What happens if the light fails?" I whispered, enthralled by the globes as they swayed in around us.

"They die".  Dark eyes captured me as the air hummed with the electricity of a thousand lives.  "They all die eventually..." he muttered, sweeping a trembling arm towards the engulfing darkness.  Holding my breath I watched the emptiness, catching the ebb of a single spark as it briefly cast its essence against the night.  The desolate vision of hundreds of lifeless orbs was etched into my mind.

"He was a dear friend he was..."

I turned frantically to the ancient man as he tugged the wisps of colourless hairs spiralling from his chin.  "You knew that life?"  I gasped, the enormity of what was happening tightening around my chest.  I yearned for something to cling onto, anything to stop me falling, to hold me away from so many living elements.  "What do we do!"  I cried out, unable to suppress the hysteric sense of emergency consuming me.

"We wait".

Call me enraptured,
Jaq xx

End Credits - Linkin Park
Explain - Sarah Blasko
Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead
Everyone's At It - Lily Allen
Everything to Nothing - Manchester Orchestra

Apr 4, 2012

Distance In Time

A to Z Challenge:  Letter D.

Todays piece coincides with my commitment to the Insecure Writers Support Group which I urge others to join if they are feeling the loss of direction that I have been suffering.  In this respect participating in the A to Z Challenge has had a phenomenal effect as the degree of traffic, feedback and interaction has diminished the doubts that any writer eventually finds themselves plagued by.  I figure by posting each day I am bound to produce something of distinction.  So to those who have discovered my place of creativity thank you sincerely for appreciating what I momentarily cannot, and I hope others are delighting in the challenge as much as I am.

Dusk seeped through the open window, muted colours playing on the light breeze with the scents of autumn. The notebook lay open as I traced my fingers over the faded cursive pronouncing it a positive diary before flicking through the array of entries.  Each a snapshot of that day, the delirious nature of a highlight captured for my benefit.  To dwell on the past was an atrocious habit but one I recognised and strove to deviate from those moments of regret and reflection.  Everything needs positive action.  This was mine, to determine my day in so few words with only what was worthwhile being trapped in my words.  Instead of draining my life of colour I have proof of happiness and laughter to defeat the gloom of hindsight.  Escape the unwanted with distance and time, and always seek the best of your experiences.

from sjp.

Dammit - Blink 182
Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
Days - Joelistics
Destiny Lane - Bliss N Eso
Distance In Time - Winter Street

Apr 3, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter C.
Children Collide.

Caution had been abandoned.  There was no way to navigate as the heavy night surrounded him amidst the pitching waves.  Gripping what remained of the torn sails Caleb braced himself as another onslaught of salt and foam collided with the ruined vessel, toppling more unfavoured souls into the broiling waters.  The cacophony of turmoil was deafening, rising with the waves before collapsing under the force of the ocean until he felt himself suspended in silence...

Chill winds raked his stiff body carrying with it the scent of smoke and rot.  Choking on the rancid salt water shifting beneath him Caleb staggered to his feet, unable to gain his bearings by the strange starlight above.  On the horizon the wreck lay dismantled against the reef, smouldering embers conquering the remains.  Fearing the worst of his fate he journeyed along the coastline, seeking to distance himself from other stranded bodies and horrific tales of cannibals.  The faint light of the half moon cast grim shadows as he reached a cove, the raiders ship anchored safely in the calm waters.  There were no thoughts.  Steadily moving his worn muscles through the dark pool he pulled himself aboard and crawled below decks.  A stowaway for survival, though for piracy he was willing.

Origins unknown,
Jaq xx

Mixtape - Children Collide
Across The Earth
Social Currency
Farewell Rocketship
Skeleton Dance
Sword to a Gunfight

Children Collide live at Capitol.
An amazing set full of energy with the crowd responding
 to every guitar riff and lyric.

Apr 2, 2012

Because Of You

A to Z Challenge:  Letter B.

The blush rose quickly, infusing my cheeks with burning intensity as I furiously swiped at the tears with my free hand.  I baulked as my phone emitted its vicious vibrations to indicate he had not finished this discussion.  Cradling it to my ear I answered with resignation, hoping my voice would not break under the confusion of emotions assaulting me, praying that one question would not escape my trembling lips.

Why don't you love me back?

"Babe?  Just come over to mine and we can sort everything out together please?"

But you don't love me.

Swallowing the desperate cry I managed a strained goodbye before pitching the phone across the room and onto the bed, burying my head in my hands to silence the muffled echoes of "Babe?"  That cursed word had become my downfall, gradually eroding any sense of worth with each encounter until even his attempt at solace could not hide the base intent.  Only imprisoning myself in this room would prevent my body from chasing familiarity and betraying my hurt.

Bright false light illuminated the space as again my phone erupted with horrid vibrations.  Humiliated as my treacherous fingers reached desperately for it, only to be interrupted by knocking from my door.  Bleary eyes unable to waver from his name on the screen I heard the creaking of wood as soft footfalls approached before strong warm arms tightened around my pitiful form on the bed.  My chest beat mercilessly as strange hands removed the phone from sight and I lay, enraptured by the feeling of comfort, of sharing this burden of grief.  Memories surfaced as I took in the clean scent, the brown stubble resting on my shoulder, the image of the new tenant down the corridor as his breath slowed beside me.

"Breanna, you are beautiful"

Basking in the challenge,
Jaq xx

Baby - PNAU
Baby Blue - Little Birdy
Beautiful Trash ft. Megan Washington (acoustic) - Lanu
Because Of You - British India
Bed Down - Split Seconds
Between Two Lungs - Florence and the Machine

Apr 1, 2012


Letter A:
Activate.  Agitate.  Appear.

Ankles wet from the rain that spiralled down her legs and soaked the mismatched socks she had scavenged from the clothesline.  She did not care.  Her feet delighted in the feel of the sodden wool and shoes as she skipped through the rain, adrenaline filling every tingling limb.  It was impossible to believe how insanely amazing this weekend had been amidst the waves of regret that still washed over her, dragging her beneath the surface to relive that repetitive loop of memories and conversations.  But now she had resurfaced and rejoiced in the wind and the rain that left her mind empty of any thoughts other than the path to her destination.  And what excitement it did instil.  Like a steady shower that filled you warmth until it activated your every sense.  With an unworried glance at the flashing sign she leapt through the closing doors to stand in another world.  With her chest swaying from the exertion she could not help but laugh at the dozen faces inspecting her in the fluorescent lighting of the train.  Tip-toeing down the corridor she left a trail of rain drop stains and confused expressions before collapsing into a seat.  Twisting her fingers through the dark damp strands of her hair she formed a braid with her fringe and tucked it behind her ear, the smirking reflection from the window raising an eyebrow in approval.  Patting the drenched denim jeans over her legs she noticed two petite hands appear at the top of the seat in front before a pale blonde little girl rose bouncing in agitation.  For a moment each watched the other, both grinning wildly at this curious stranger until she winked at the child and whispered "I'm seeing my favourite band today"

And then what happened?
Jaq xx

All I Want Is You - Ball Park Music
Apple Song - Big Scary
As Far As You're Concerned - Last Dinosaurs
All Mine - Dead Letter Chorus
Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down) - Something With Numbers

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