Apr 1, 2012


Letter A:
Activate.  Agitate.  Appear.

Ankles wet from the rain that spiralled down her legs and soaked the mismatched socks she had scavenged from the clothesline.  She did not care.  Her feet delighted in the feel of the sodden wool and shoes as she skipped through the rain, adrenaline filling every tingling limb.  It was impossible to believe how insanely amazing this weekend had been amidst the waves of regret that still washed over her, dragging her beneath the surface to relive that repetitive loop of memories and conversations.  But now she had resurfaced and rejoiced in the wind and the rain that left her mind empty of any thoughts other than the path to her destination.  And what excitement it did instil.  Like a steady shower that filled you warmth until it activated your every sense.  With an unworried glance at the flashing sign she leapt through the closing doors to stand in another world.  With her chest swaying from the exertion she could not help but laugh at the dozen faces inspecting her in the fluorescent lighting of the train.  Tip-toeing down the corridor she left a trail of rain drop stains and confused expressions before collapsing into a seat.  Twisting her fingers through the dark damp strands of her hair she formed a braid with her fringe and tucked it behind her ear, the smirking reflection from the window raising an eyebrow in approval.  Patting the drenched denim jeans over her legs she noticed two petite hands appear at the top of the seat in front before a pale blonde little girl rose bouncing in agitation.  For a moment each watched the other, both grinning wildly at this curious stranger until she winked at the child and whispered "I'm seeing my favourite band today"

And then what happened?
Jaq xx

All I Want Is You - Ball Park Music
Apple Song - Big Scary
As Far As You're Concerned - Last Dinosaurs
All Mine - Dead Letter Chorus
Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down) - Something With Numbers


  1. Wow. Are you doing flash fiction every day? Snaps!

  2. It depends, there are no pre-prepared posts for the challenge so whatever comes to mind when I open a new post is whats published :)

  3. Loved it....what a great read. Now off to read day two! So loving this A to Z challenge.


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