Apr 2, 2012

Because Of You

A to Z Challenge:  Letter B.

The blush rose quickly, infusing my cheeks with burning intensity as I furiously swiped at the tears with my free hand.  I baulked as my phone emitted its vicious vibrations to indicate he had not finished this discussion.  Cradling it to my ear I answered with resignation, hoping my voice would not break under the confusion of emotions assaulting me, praying that one question would not escape my trembling lips.

Why don't you love me back?

"Babe?  Just come over to mine and we can sort everything out together please?"

But you don't love me.

Swallowing the desperate cry I managed a strained goodbye before pitching the phone across the room and onto the bed, burying my head in my hands to silence the muffled echoes of "Babe?"  That cursed word had become my downfall, gradually eroding any sense of worth with each encounter until even his attempt at solace could not hide the base intent.  Only imprisoning myself in this room would prevent my body from chasing familiarity and betraying my hurt.

Bright false light illuminated the space as again my phone erupted with horrid vibrations.  Humiliated as my treacherous fingers reached desperately for it, only to be interrupted by knocking from my door.  Bleary eyes unable to waver from his name on the screen I heard the creaking of wood as soft footfalls approached before strong warm arms tightened around my pitiful form on the bed.  My chest beat mercilessly as strange hands removed the phone from sight and I lay, enraptured by the feeling of comfort, of sharing this burden of grief.  Memories surfaced as I took in the clean scent, the brown stubble resting on my shoulder, the image of the new tenant down the corridor as his breath slowed beside me.

"Breanna, you are beautiful"

Basking in the challenge,
Jaq xx

Baby - PNAU
Baby Blue - Little Birdy
Beautiful Trash ft. Megan Washington (acoustic) - Lanu
Because Of You - British India
Bed Down - Split Seconds
Between Two Lungs - Florence and the Machine


  1. Wow!! Talk about impact...I had to read it through twice. I was one with all her feelings...now I want the story to continue.

  2. What an interesting approach to the challenge :) Are you writing all these flash pieces on the day, or did you do some beforehand? Did you just pick a bunch of words that started wtih the letter of the day to be your prompt?

  3. Bleary eyes- that's an impact!

    Happy A to Z

  4. Thank you for the feedback :) I do all my flash fiction on impulse on the day, I didnt even intend to write this piece either but I found a random word generator and beauty just fitted nicely with the songs playing.

  5. That was really good...and you write them on the day? Wow. Looking forward to reading more.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog :)


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