Apr 4, 2012

Distance In Time

A to Z Challenge:  Letter D.

Todays piece coincides with my commitment to the Insecure Writers Support Group which I urge others to join if they are feeling the loss of direction that I have been suffering.  In this respect participating in the A to Z Challenge has had a phenomenal effect as the degree of traffic, feedback and interaction has diminished the doubts that any writer eventually finds themselves plagued by.  I figure by posting each day I am bound to produce something of distinction.  So to those who have discovered my place of creativity thank you sincerely for appreciating what I momentarily cannot, and I hope others are delighting in the challenge as much as I am.

Dusk seeped through the open window, muted colours playing on the light breeze with the scents of autumn. The notebook lay open as I traced my fingers over the faded cursive pronouncing it a positive diary before flicking through the array of entries.  Each a snapshot of that day, the delirious nature of a highlight captured for my benefit.  To dwell on the past was an atrocious habit but one I recognised and strove to deviate from those moments of regret and reflection.  Everything needs positive action.  This was mine, to determine my day in so few words with only what was worthwhile being trapped in my words.  Instead of draining my life of colour I have proof of happiness and laughter to defeat the gloom of hindsight.  Escape the unwanted with distance and time, and always seek the best of your experiences.

from sjp.

Dammit - Blink 182
Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
Days - Joelistics
Destiny Lane - Bliss N Eso
Distance In Time - Winter Street


  1. Very clever way of combining the two challenges. Well done.

  2. *hugs* I've stopped long ago looking at numbers and statistics. It's too depressing and very much like wanting to feel popular. Now I just smile and say, "oh, now nice" when someone follows my blog or something. My eye in the sky has shifted to marketing my book and boy, is it mental-sucking!


    A to Z co-host

  3. It can be damaging to focus too intensely on statistics, though often they provide such unexpected motivation when you see strangers praising your efforts. But when it comes to my WIP, its for me only, everything else is just a bonus.


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