Apr 7, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter G.

Gripping my shaking hands tightly the woman whispered feverishly, tracing the heavy creases that marked each hand.  She let out a worrisome groan whenever her fingertips touched upon the bruised and twisted lines, deeply coloured acrylic nails grating along my nerves.  Eyes entranced by this gypsy as she deciphered the message on my palms inscribed by chance, gritting my teeth awaiting her verdict.  Glancing up at the walls I focused on the antiquities this eclectic woman had claimed, the pastel portrait of a girl from some naive century grabbing my attention.

Without knowing I could tell she was graceful, poised in a light blue gown she appeared radiant.  Gentle slender hands held the end of a parasol, a devilish grin as she twirled it in the glorious summer scenery.  Rich hair flowing free I grew envious and longed for my tangles to resemble this petite goddess.  The question escaped my lips and the gypsy listened to my appreciation before releasing my hands.

Raising the candle that lit this small room she revealed an aged photograph with bony fingers hiding a gaunt face, the photographers hand outstretched towards the wild hair.  A gruesome contrast.

"There lies a ghost within all of us, bear grief well before it taints your soul as it did hers.  Always see past the guile a painting forms."  Placing a dusty laced corsage in my hands she escorted me out the door.  "Spirits are glad when they find their kindreds, her ghost follows you now".

Standing in the grey dusk, I stroked the light blue stain flower, a treasured gift.

Jaq xx

Golden Years - Bliss N Eso
Griffin - The Medics
The Good News - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Gabriel - Joe Goddard
Glass Jar - Ball Park Music


  1. Very clever, Jac, and extremely difficult to do! Enjoy the Challenge...

  2. Nice going! I liked your flash story. Thanks for stopping by my place.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  3. Hi, very interesting flash story. Best regards to you. Ruby

  4. Ah, to be a petite goddess with flowing hair... you wrote this so well. Lovely.

  5. Ooh, I love your idea of A to Z posting. :)

    A to Z co-host


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