Apr 9, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter H
Hip Hop


Australian hip hop is the most unique form of its genre upholding such a diversity of influences.  Do not disown hip hop before you have followed the seamless lyrics and rhythms on offer.

Among the notable are Bliss N Eso showcasing a combination of talent from Australia and the States.  Astounding lyricism that beats the age of poets their albums are full of never ending energy that brings you to such a high when you truly immerse yourself.  Their live shows do not dissappoint and bring a whole new experience as their personalities alight on stage.  Of course Izm provides the best array of mixes.

I cannot highly recommend enough their albums Flying Colours and Running On Air.

Drapht is fantastic live also, obviously the crowds crave Jimmy Recard and show their unsuppressed excitement when they are obliged.  Another performer that uses all their energy and personality on stage.  Humour is well engaged with multiple references made during songs, mostly local so keep an ear out.

Other artists I would like to highlight are Seth Sentry, Horrorshow, Thundamentals, The Herd, 360, Hilltop Hoods, and The Melodics.

This is the twist of my inner revolution,
from sjp.

Simple Game - Seth Sentry
Sum of it All - The Herd
Donkey Kong Suicide - The Melodics
The Moses Twist - Bliss N Eso
Child - 360
Rapunzel - Drapht

(Language Warning)


  1. Oh, did you drop out of the A to Z challenge? :( It does get crazy, doesn't it?

    A to Z co-host

  2. Unfortunately reached a point where I was not enjoying what I was writing and so took a break to refocus :) more flash fiction should be on the way, though relating to AtoZ still undecided...


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