Apr 10, 2012


A to Z Challenge:  Letter I

Illness had occupied his senses, plunging his mind into fitful delirium while his body was plagued by weakness.  Scrambling thoughts sought to grasp any idea able to form between the cries of pain and waves of fever that rushed through, overwhelming and devastating leaving sweat soaked sheets in its wake.  The infection remained relentless, the cruelty of nature as it rose as an inferno from within, obliterating all resistance.  Three days had left him beyond exhaustion until he lay with his own fatal departure in sight, inhaling the scent of decay with each strained breath.

At its inception the casualties had been immediate.  Survivors were a temporary phenomenon filled with paranoia and fear before finally surrendering to the same fate as the ominous remains of their fellows.  At the outset he had yearned with such desperation for the gentleness of a soothing hand tending to his tormented body, for hope of escaping the impatient reach of death.  Yet as those around him were consumed and he became immobile, the near silence and impenetrable darkness of the fortified room grew to an idle calm, easing him towards that promised release.

With swollen eyes closed he envisioned the tranquillity of distant island shores, resting in the morning peace, illuminated by the warming rays of the rising sun.

And exhale,
Jaq xx

I Can Feel a Hot One - Manchester Orchestra
It's Real - Real Estate
In My Head - Queens of the Stoneage
I Wont Survive - The Grates
If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow

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