May 5, 2012


A Picture Says...
There's a row of tiny houses there now...

The wind tunnelled through the empty alleys, spiriting along light articles of debris, quietly shifting down the damp cobbled road into the darkness.  The shadows stretched beyond, gathering courage against the withered light of day.  Not even the golden glow of warmth that radiated from the flames trapped in glass lanterns would diminish the glory of the night as it settled upon the labyrinth of stone.

Still she walked through the silence, the rising chill clutching desperately to her.  The soundless lives of others caught behind their window displays, glazed over by the mist that fell in grief to the watery pools of the gutters.  Movement hiding behind the glass, like the lanterns, she mused.

It was the sun she followed endlessly, always devoted to pass the final farewell as it descended below the skyline to illuminate other worlds.  She reached the height of the path and waited for the light to leave, draining the vibrant open air of the rich dyes that stained its retreat.

the last of the autumn days,
Jaq xx


  1. Oh wow, I love the imagery here. This is unreal sjp!

  2. Beautifully written..amazing imagery! Loved it..

  3. wow - just beautiful, so descriptive!


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