May 29, 2012

The Silence

Five Sentence Fiction:

You are never truely alone.

Where you stand, the leaves lay like the layered deceased, masses of the seasons massacre upon the damp soil.

The forrest overshadows all, consuming the heavens with such crooked limbs, their ancient bodies standing witness with grave knowing faces.

A ravens challenge echoes across the hollow, sharp and unforgiving, the ominous omen departing this place with a savage movement of its wings.

And then it comes, a terrible suffocating closeness that renders you motionless, a sorrowful statuette captured in the silence as you find yourself truely alone.

until it comes...
Jaq xx


  1. Eerie, haunting and thoughtful. Well done!

  2. Very nice piece! We are never truly alone as long as our imagination is intact and fervent.

  3. Creeeeepy! I like the raven in it.

  4. Deep, intense and ominous... well crafted flash fiction!


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