Jun 6, 2012

Let's Just

Live life like no regrets.
How much can change in a month?

Your state of mind is a powerful device and often underestimated.  Following my last confession I experienced a change that I can only explain as the loss (or at least a severe diminishing) of my insecurity.  Acceptance of what I was seeking to accomplish and how to set out doing so made me ready.  I am not a planner by any means, I am a night-before-er and morning-of-er, I am indecisive forcing decisions by the second and have no concept of time beyond a week.  This forms a disastrous combination with my need to be prepared where I will most likely fret if I think I have not worn the right shoes for that day.

Although I have made no physical progress on my WIP it has undertaken massive developments mentally.  I am going to approach it as I do with all my writing, I can envisage the opening scene and I know what I want to happen, so I will write and discover the rest as it comes.

I will continue to challenge myself.  I optimistically aim to further particular pieces of flash fiction as well as attempting different genres (prompted by the Faerytaleish contest that rendered me wordless).  Something some smiling face from the television said has become my mantra:

"Take Risks,
Regrets are Useless"

My one year blog anniversary is fast approaching and I cant help but feel inspired and fuzzy inside.

sky high,
from sjp


  1. Just popping in from the IWSG :)

    It's so nice to read a positive post today. I think it great that you can acknowledge and accept your insecurities honey. GO YOU!

    Good luck with the WIP xx

  2. Fellow procrastinator, reformed pessimist, and IWSG member here.

    Nothing wrong with thinking your story through before writing. I actually recommend it.

    Keep up the positive thinking and keep us posted on your progress!

  3. Happy blog anniversary!

    Wow, what can I say? You are an unforgettable writer.
    I love your way with words! They dance in my mind when I read them!

    Thanks for sharing, and don't be afraid to take risks and start on the manuscript. It will be a great adventure.


  4. I know the feeling of being held back by yourself, second-guessing and all that. You're right of course, regrets are useless.

    Good luck to you.

  5. Best wishes to you, Ms. sjp. No suggestions will encourage you, only an inner hunger and drive to progress and succeed. Good luck!

  6. Mental developments completely count. :) Congrats on your one year blog anniversary coming up soon!

  7. Jaq, I have an given you the Liebster Award on my blog. Feel free to stop by sometime to pick it up. You deserve it! :)



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