Jul 24, 2012

From the Ashes

Visual Dare #14

"I need to clear my head" Georgia whispered, closing her eyes against the grief that was a constant tide within. Sinking to the dust covered floorboards she pressed her fingertips to her forehead, willing that strained fragile calm to hold against the tainted memories buried beneath the ruin.

Hearing his movement through the crumbling debris she quickly held up the revolver, though he refused to acknowledge the aggressive barrier.  The concern that pooled in his brown eyes was gut wrenching, and she felt the gun become heavy as her arm wavered, his closeness weighing against her resolve.

Glancing down she stared vacantly at the decay strewn across the room, biting her lip in dismay as fresh water stains marked the grime.  Turning aside she watched his shadow kneel in the stilted light, felt the warmth of his hand as it moved up her wet cheek.

“It’s just the rain” she muttered hoarsely, quickly standing to distance herself from his sympathy.  Closing her mind to the disturbing thoughts he had forced her to confront she took the lighter from her still damp jacket.  Feigning a detached indifference she kicked the fuel canister lingering patiently by the lopsided doorway, the iridescent liquid breaking the silence as it sloshed across the rotting wood.

Together they waited as it was ignited, the erupting flames crawling hungrily through the room until sheer heat divided them.  She afforded him a momentary look of remorse, his features already hidden by the black smoke unfurling.

Kill to Feel - Part One
A Reckoning - Part Two
Burn - Part Four

a vicious caress,
Jaq xx

Jul 12, 2012

A Reckoning

Five Sentence Fiction

Shivering from the bitter chill she pushed the dirty blonde hair from her face and pressed against the grainy plaster of the nearest building.  Breathing the heavy air deeply she receded into the tempest, focusing on the indomitable rainfall as it collided against every surface, hurtling from the heavens to shatter on the fractured concrete until a mounting torrent forged its escape along the road.  Georgia lingered beneath the evolving tributaries, sheer rainwater spiralling in rebellion as it cascaded down the degenerating constructions, a revolution of ice against the insurmountable ire smouldering in her heart.

Her gaze intently sought silhouettes beyond the obscuring veil of the storm while she edged along the sloping laneway, oblivious to the tumbling currents surging amidst her ankles or the violent shivers assailing her, a tinge of indigo creeping into her lips.

The faint scent of peppermint oil jolted her senses, the unmistakable fragrance rendering her breathless, gripping the stolen revolver firmly she battled for composure as the haunting figure emerged from a shadowed doorway, already envisioning their blood joining the deluge when retribution was served.

Kill to Feel - Part One
From the Ashes - Part Three
Burn - Part Four

drown your vengeance,
Jaq xx

Boy - Emma Louise
Dance Bear - Snakadaktal
I'm Into You - Chet Faker
Runaway - Mr Little Jeans
33 - Loon Lake

Jul 7, 2012

Kill to Feel

Visual Dare #12
Parked Outside

The grey storm clouds hovered uncertainly over the crooked terracotta streets, drowning the lively colours of the town in sleet and rain.  Georgia waited in the cramped space of the old car, impatience itching at her skin as she tapped irritably on the faded steering wheel, her porous leather boots blending with the interior detailing as they wobbled lazily on the dashboard.  Relieving the numbness in her backside she righted herself from the deep slouch and opened the door, the rusted vehicle shuddering from the impacting gale against the sudden obstruction, and welcomed the cold needles of the downpour.
Word Count 99

I could not dispel the scenes of car chases and shadowy murders from my mind.  I may not be able to restrain myself from extending this tale...

A Reckoning - Part Two
From the Ashes - Part Three
Burn - Part Four

To be fearless,
Jaq xx

Jul 4, 2012

Clear Skies

Caught in the light buoyancy of feeling secure.

Forgive the unsavoury lateness and my ashamed absence but I would confess that upon brief reflection I find myself insecurity free.  In part I would like to thank the wonderful Angela for providing the prompt that proved this to me.  If there were a fate it was all too present in the enchanting eyes of her visual dare; a photo so intoned with my WIP that it caught me off guard.  I surprised myself by not attempting to pressure my characters onto this prompt, I find it unnatural to fit a previous piece to a new catalyst and always try for something original.  For the simple reason that my notepad was at hand I began scrawling the tale of forbidden love, entranced by their movements and becoming increasingly ecstatic as I continued to the next page.

I am unabashed to feel pride in my piece, I shattered the restraining barrier of short flash fiction I have found daunting and believe I am capable of nurturing it into a short story.  It gave me confidence in the Faerytaleish plot quietly forming in the netheregions of the Drafts, which anticipates its release in the coming week...

Admittedly complacent in my euphoria of optimism I am keenly aware of the development I have experienced and expect good things.  I am certainly delighted in my gradual evolution and have fulfilled the goals I had not realised had been raised, leaving only a vast expanse of possibilities waiting to be sampled.

(Also I blame my negligence on a spontaneous aversion to my laptop and the arrival of unrelations from the distant reaches of the continent.  Or maybe my creativity was too busy with my new guitar seshs and the discovery of making pancakes from scratch)

Jaq xx 
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