Jul 4, 2012

Clear Skies

Caught in the light buoyancy of feeling secure.

Forgive the unsavoury lateness and my ashamed absence but I would confess that upon brief reflection I find myself insecurity free.  In part I would like to thank the wonderful Angela for providing the prompt that proved this to me.  If there were a fate it was all too present in the enchanting eyes of her visual dare; a photo so intoned with my WIP that it caught me off guard.  I surprised myself by not attempting to pressure my characters onto this prompt, I find it unnatural to fit a previous piece to a new catalyst and always try for something original.  For the simple reason that my notepad was at hand I began scrawling the tale of forbidden love, entranced by their movements and becoming increasingly ecstatic as I continued to the next page.

I am unabashed to feel pride in my piece, I shattered the restraining barrier of short flash fiction I have found daunting and believe I am capable of nurturing it into a short story.  It gave me confidence in the Faerytaleish plot quietly forming in the netheregions of the Drafts, which anticipates its release in the coming week...

Admittedly complacent in my euphoria of optimism I am keenly aware of the development I have experienced and expect good things.  I am certainly delighted in my gradual evolution and have fulfilled the goals I had not realised had been raised, leaving only a vast expanse of possibilities waiting to be sampled.

(Also I blame my negligence on a spontaneous aversion to my laptop and the arrival of unrelations from the distant reaches of the continent.  Or maybe my creativity was too busy with my new guitar seshs and the discovery of making pancakes from scratch)

Jaq xx 


  1. We like hearing that everything is good as well! Thanks for participating in the IWSG.

  2. I read the Jean Auel books when I was in highschool and loved them. Also try Wild Swans by Jung Chang. It's great. I've enjoyed visiting your blog! :-)

    1. Thanks and I will make sure that I do :) I got the series as a gift and they have been a good read over winter break

  3. ". . . a vast expanse of possibilities waiting to be sampled." Great line. Thanks for stopping at The Write Game to say hello during this hop.

    I've joined your site and hope to see you again.

  4. I'll be waiting to hear more about your upcoming works!


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