Jul 24, 2012

From the Ashes

Visual Dare #14

"I need to clear my head" Georgia whispered, closing her eyes against the grief that was a constant tide within. Sinking to the dust covered floorboards she pressed her fingertips to her forehead, willing that strained fragile calm to hold against the tainted memories buried beneath the ruin.

Hearing his movement through the crumbling debris she quickly held up the revolver, though he refused to acknowledge the aggressive barrier.  The concern that pooled in his brown eyes was gut wrenching, and she felt the gun become heavy as her arm wavered, his closeness weighing against her resolve.

Glancing down she stared vacantly at the decay strewn across the room, biting her lip in dismay as fresh water stains marked the grime.  Turning aside she watched his shadow kneel in the stilted light, felt the warmth of his hand as it moved up her wet cheek.

“It’s just the rain” she muttered hoarsely, quickly standing to distance herself from his sympathy.  Closing her mind to the disturbing thoughts he had forced her to confront she took the lighter from her still damp jacket.  Feigning a detached indifference she kicked the fuel canister lingering patiently by the lopsided doorway, the iridescent liquid breaking the silence as it sloshed across the rotting wood.

Together they waited as it was ignited, the erupting flames crawling hungrily through the room until sheer heat divided them.  She afforded him a momentary look of remorse, his features already hidden by the black smoke unfurling.

Kill to Feel - Part One
A Reckoning - Part Two
Burn - Part Four

a vicious caress,
Jaq xx


  1. Ooh.. That is really gripping.. Crept up on me. Will have to read more..x

  2. That first line hooked me and pulled me into the story.


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