Jul 7, 2012

Kill to Feel

Visual Dare #12
Parked Outside

The grey storm clouds hovered uncertainly over the crooked terracotta streets, drowning the lively colours of the town in sleet and rain.  Georgia waited in the cramped space of the old car, impatience itching at her skin as she tapped irritably on the faded steering wheel, her porous leather boots blending with the interior detailing as they wobbled lazily on the dashboard.  Relieving the numbness in her backside she righted herself from the deep slouch and opened the door, the rusted vehicle shuddering from the impacting gale against the sudden obstruction, and welcomed the cold needles of the downpour.
Word Count 99

I could not dispel the scenes of car chases and shadowy murders from my mind.  I may not be able to restrain myself from extending this tale...

A Reckoning - Part Two
From the Ashes - Part Three
Burn - Part Four

To be fearless,
Jaq xx


  1. I hope you do extend the tale!!! I'd like to know what Georgia is waiting for. Terracotta streets plus sleet/rain seems deliciously incongruous - would like to know more about this world it's set in!

    Nice, mysterious hook! Job well done! Thanks for participating!!

  2. I loved all the details in your story. It really made the scene come to life. I would be interested in reading more of this story!

  3. Love the imagery... Well done!

  4. Fantastic imagery. I think I'd be waiting impatiently in that car too while the downpour rages. :)


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