Aug 4, 2012

A Creature I Don't Know

Blog Flash 2012

Credit: Myself

I keep losing myself under the demanding broiling emotions of others; their pain and grief, ecstasy and love. Usually I am able to retreat back into my own, following the tunnel to familiar thoughts, shaking free the residue of worry and empathy. But what of the day I don't realise how far their tides of life have drawn me in, how will I know to return to normalcy.

Will I remember myself.

Each time is like a splinter embedding itself within, a constant itch I can never find. And they grow.

Which of those frenzied thoughts are my own?

The other selves are blooming from the darkness.  They look alike, like me, but different.  And I am afraid. 

I don’t want to lose myself in their chaos.

word count: 127
though it could have gone so much furthur...

down the rabbit hole,
Jaq xx

1 comment:

  1. "I don’t want to lose myself in their chaos."

    How very true! Sometimes we must learn to remove ourselves in order to make sure we don't lose ourselves!


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