Aug 9, 2012

A Journey

Blog Flash 2012

"Remember, it's a favour to Mother" she simpered, painted lips pouting to hide a mischievous grin.

Struggling to withhold my obvious disdain I scooped a handful of fading foliage from the train tracks we were following, relishing the sharp crunch as I closed my fist around them.  I watched her skip ahead, catching the delight at her own ingenious as it spread across her face.  Scattering the fractured ruins of autumn to the wind I contemplated the growing dusk, seriously considering abandoning her in the night.  Though returning home would be unthinkable.

The rich earthy aroma of the damp soil filled the air, this time of year always had been pleasant.  The road from Wickering to Palbury was notorious for its tempting detours, could I not just start afresh?  Learn a trade, find some land, seek adventure?

I shook my head clear of such alluring illusions, it was those unruly ambitions that had thrown me into this ridiculous journey accompanying my darling sister to the precious Madame's College for the Courteous.  She was only too willing to be groomed into an obedient and submissive lady, desperate to please a handsome gentleman.

"Hurry up!  Don't you know how terribly un-lady-like it is to dawdle?"

Surfacing from my musings I begged my ears to become impervious to her whining torments, and, swallowing my aching resignation, hurried to catch up.

word count: 226
apologies for annihilating the word limit!

family ties,
Jaq xx

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  1. How lovely!
    Thank you for stopping by for my take on Journey!


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