Aug 7, 2012


Blog Flash 2012

credit: myself

The setting sun cast its fading warmth onto the fresh breeze as it breathed through the harbour, streamers of deep amber saturating the horizon where it burned its final kiss.  She watched as their toes gently swirled in the smooth water, smiling at the ripples echoing across the surface.  Together they listened to the calls of seabirds, the creaking footfalls over the jetty, the peace.  Nervousness pulled at her as she fought the urge to look at him through her curtain of sun bleached hair, focusing on the tender heat from his arm as it lay across her shoulders.

word count: 99

Ocean (2012) - John Butler

living for that moment
Jaq xx


  1. Just beautiful!!! I was easily caught up in the magic of it all :)

  2. I agree - there's lovely imagery in this piece. Thank you for sharing!


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