Aug 16, 2012


Blog Flash 2012
...what is a different world,
for I have so many...

The tumultuous song of the heaving waterfall surrounded her, pulsating through the ground like an earthly drum, vibrating against her entire being as she collapsed upon damp soil, gasping for air to fill her lungs.  Pushing sodden hair from her eyes she blinked uncertainly around the clouded glade, her heart racing in fear at its unfamiliarity.

“Mykael?  Mykael!”  Eyes wide she scanned the impenetrable wood and rippling waters, expecting to see him appearing through the mist.  She felt the rising panic at realising she was alone, the cold understanding scattering her thoughts.  Run.  Leaping to her feet a searing pain erupted in her leg and she quickly tumbled, twisted branches entangling her fall.

Closing her eyes she pulled her knees in tight against her chest, unaware of the shivers that beset her drenched form, or the tears that warmed her cheeks. 


Daniel fought through the hostile undergrowth, second guessing whether he had actually heard anything.  Although the deafening torrent of a waterfall brought doubt he was unwilling to abandon the possibility without being certain.  Feeling the ground drop away he splashed into a shrouded dell, the cold water biting as he breathed heavily, unsure of a direction. 

Wading through the churning waters he caught sight of someone lying amidst a copse of bushes, hurrying to lift their slight frame from the tangled clutch of brittle limbs.   As he carried her beneath the starlit night he faltered, pale skin shone bare, and a sense of disrespect swept over him bringing with it a deep blush; he would have overt his eyes if not for the translucent wings leading from her back.

Holding her close he began the trek back, ignoring the mayhem and confusion tormenting his thoughts, listening to the thunderous din fade behind them until only his footsteps filled the air.

another surfaces,
Jaq xx

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  1. Beautiful stuff, I'd love to keep reading. Thanks for joining the Follow-Swap Blog Hop, just followed you. :)


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