Aug 11, 2012


Blog Flash 2012

“Morgana awaits.” She purred, making no effort to disguise the desire glowing from dark ardent eyes.  He nodded his appreciation, taking a moment to watch the elegant black dress tighten across her hips as she sashayed back to her desk.

Anticipation and a strange sense of restlessness tingled beneath his skin, immediately forgotten as he stepped through large varnished doors, drinking in the luxury of the private dining hall.

A stark contrast to the simple grace of the antechamber, coated in creams and serene dusk light falling through vaulted windows, this room had an aura of opulence and mystery.  Reaching out tentative fingertips to graze the heavy silk drapes, he practically sighed in pleasure.

“Your taste excels.” He murmured, noticing her impassive gaze appraising him slowly.  Hastily approaching to accept the delicate hand she extended he pressed it tenderly to his lips, noticing her gown matched the deep plum of the décor and smiling wryly at its way of melting into the shadows surrounding the main table.

“Your glass,” a voice like velvet prompted.

Tugging at his cuff links uneasily he moved to the centre of the room.  Raising the daunting chalice he stared warily at the heady liquid, nausea overwhelming him as crystal feelers ensnared his shaking hands.

“Now drink”.

word count: 211

sleep tight,
Jaq xx

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