Aug 17, 2012


Blog Flash 2012

The fractured auburn light flooded the deserted site, illuminating the late afternoon fog as it rolled in from the nearby coastline.  Dust danced amongst the aging monuments of granite and limestone where they stood to bear the names of the once living, while they too slowly crumbled.

As the heavenly solar orb lavished the last of its light it soon fell below the cliffs edge into the murky depths of the horizon, leaving the land to the mercy of the chill northern winds.

A young woman burst forth as though from the gathering haze, static fiercely erupting through the air disrupting the quiet emptiness as she landed nimbly and continued her graceful stride in the same movement.

Treading carefully across the tended soil she felt that frustrating ache rise in her thoughts, the need to feel the damp clods of dirt beneath her feet, the silk of her aged rose nightgown where it clung to her slender legs, to smell the fresh salt air mingle with the sour scent of bodies journeying to the afterlife, or even to weep at her loss of such things.

So she bowed her head and closed her mind to the sorrows of her existence, and instead turned to a decrepit crypt by the cliffs edge.  The detailed angel that had once guarded its hosts had long since surrendered to the onslaught of elements.  And other destructive forces she seethed, noting the grieving head laying shattered by its side.

Taking a deep breath she exhaled a string of words, humming them softly as she pushed her hands out before her, gently edging through the thick mantle of the tomb.  Falling unsteadily into the stale darkness a timid thought grew as she wondered whether she would even be able to fear.

Waiting in the suffocating closeness she decided she could.

for the sleepless,
Jaq xx


  1. Great piece. I felt sorry for her. It must be terrible to miss things that people just take for granted.


  2. Your writing always draws me right in with such beautiful prose... So lyrical and poignant.


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