Sep 26, 2012

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The Follow-Swap Blog Hop

Once again My Write Spot has uncovered a colourful blog hop which I have been irresistibly drawn to!  The trick is to offer up your most prized content to lure in those unsuspecting penguins ;)  To combat indecision I linked a random recent post.  Though now I would like to highlight what you have considered to be my best content:

Beyond The Hourglass Bridge

No Surprises - I wrote this piece in the adrenaline rushed glory of something last minute, a blogfest held by the gorgeous Cherie Reich was closing and I was determined to make that linky.  But my mind was scrambled, I couldnt think of anything for the prompt, especially after seeing some of the amazing entries, and I just could not settle on any photographs rolling through the internet.  Finally while watching a lecture I started writing, making up the story as I went (completely pantsing it) until 10 minutes later I had a piece of flash.

But this was for a contest, and self doubt was debilitating, I had to off load.  Only the one girl who knew of my literary escapades was not contactable, so I turned to another, guaranteed their secrecy and sacrificed a piece of anonymity in exchange for feedback.  It still makes me queasy.

It was worth it though, it gave me enough confidence to submit and ultimately through some mystery of luck become a finalist.  I was walking on air for a week.  I still think its a shocking title, but I could not get that Radiohead song out of my head...

Lost - from my Five Sentence Fiction forays, this was something written quite personally and for that its a favourite.  It was that moment looking for something when you put your head to your desk knowing defeat is near, and that one line of inspiration comes from nowhere.

Lost In the Light - (a close fourth) the first Visual Dare challenge, the rules of which I shattered abysmally, but once I began scribbling on a note pad I could not stop at just 100 words, those eyes were too compelling.  And I didnt want to stop, that was the longest piece of continuous writing I had done in a while (not to mention the most dialogue), and it had me fondly contemplating my wip.  The characters interactions were compelling, and I immensely enjoyed writing it.

pretty chuffed,
from sjp.


  1. Sounds like you've been really inspired.

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts. Lost in the Light is a beautiful piece of writing and I can see why you couldn't stop at 100 words!


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