Sep 5, 2012

Looking Back

Is it Wednesday already?

Who knew August would last so long?  Leading this double life is distracting to say the least, while the days of the real world seem to tumble by, the 2012 Blog Flash gave the illusion of being caught up in a wonderful yet arduous journey.  It started so promisingly, I got in the flow of things, pinterest was ever inspiring,

and then somehow...
it all began to slowly...
drop off.
I turned up to a marathon thinking I could do a few quick sprints, 50-100 words seemed managable, but I have never been one for limits and before I knew it I was left in the dust of all those fabulous bloggers.
I uphold the positives though, a strangely vibrant and excitingly unexpected concept crept up on me in the form of color, and I did surpass my dismal attempt at the A to Z Challenge.  Not to mention the optimistic motivation to experiment with writing style (or at least a move away from imagery and scene setting).
I cannot promise alot for September, study commitments and amazing bands have me booked, and I want to ease back into a realistic schedule after abandoning ship.
bear with me,
from sjp


  1. It's a proven fact that slow and steady wins the race so, be steady and you'll be successful :)

  2. Sometimes life gets in the way with writing. Thus be life, though. Don't feel bad about it though. Hi, from a fellow IWSG.


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