Oct 12, 2012


Visual Dare #26

Emilie trod softly through the pearly frost, shivering as the chill air stung her cheeks and hoping it disguised the unease trembling within.  She maintained a vigil of her footsteps lest she lose the courage thundering in her heart, concentrating on the icy vapours of her lungs where they shifted in the breeze.  Pausing beneath the looming silhouette of an ancient oak she fought the need to run, tightly gripping her cargo in reassurance.

Although she anticipated it, Emilie could not suppress the light gasp that escaped as an erratic wind encircled her, carrying a melodious whisper of tantalising allure.  She closed her eyes, knowing her soul would swoon in the face of such radiance, and lifted the antique mirror.

A piercing scream tore through still air, the harsh sound unbearable, jarring her senses until she was forced to look upon the struggling creature.  The capricious sprite had become a contorted nightmare, glowering her venom at the betrayal.

With a strength born of fear Emilie kept hold of her burden, ignoring the tears that fell against the snow.

"I am not yours anymore"

a word counts nemesis,
Jaq xx


  1. Cha-CHING!! O my cow this is great...! I love how the mirror is used as a weapon, a breaking-free story that implies at so much prior to the moment. Excellent work! Very atmospheric and gripping.

  2. Cool! Hey, I can't figure out how to contact you through Twitter or anything, but I gave you a blog award. Details on my blog http://rhiannwynnnolet.blogspot.com :)

    1. Thanks so much Rhiann :) well with the number of requests Ive had I may have to enter the twittersphere...

  3. Oh beautiful, and a novel way to use a mirror! Loved it, but then I always love your lyrical writing!


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