Nov 13, 2012

A Prophecy

Triple Visual Dare #1

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The nomadic winds of the northern mountains sighed through the silent corridors, carrying the scent of fear to her heart.  Clutching the vibrant silks to her chest to shield its thundering beat, she clambered up the stairwell hardly daring to breathe.  There, alighted upon the topmost stair was the omen, so startling a figure Evelyn could not help but shudder in the face of its vacant stare.
"The walls will fall to sands, as your heart wilts beneath the eye." It whispered, extending pale fingers towards her, its ivory hair twisting in the rising gale.  "The Seers are haunted unto darkness."
Rising cautiously to stand beside the girls ghostly countenance Evelyn followed its gaze across the shadowed acres surrounding the mainstay to where twisted woods succumbed to the unyielding Dunes.
Anger warmed her veins.  Her will did not shy from fear, nor did her sight ever stray from its purpose; she would defy this prophecy yet and prove her strength.
if you squint, it looks like 100 words...
check out the other entries, such delightful
foreboding and mystery.
the infamous WIP,
Jaq xx

Nov 9, 2012



She brushed her fingers gently against his pallid cheek where he lay, caught in feverish sleep, knowing it was her turn to show strength. With her back to a crooked tree she appraised the peaceful fields beyond the fraying cloth of their lean-to; the region bathed in the suns golden glare as it made its cosmic dive beyond this world.  Breathing in the tender air of spring Melody savoured the serene moment.  Feeling his body tense beside her and noting his brow begin to furrow she shifted closer to rest against his form.  Slipping her hand into his she let out a low hushing sound, stroking his forehead until it relaxed back into normal sleep.

"You have nothing to fear" she whispered into the quiet twilight.

The dry grass itched at her underside as she watched the washed out cloth undulate softly beneath a cool breeze.  Drawing comfort from his warmth she tried to doze, hoping this night would hold fewer terrors than the last.

Silk - Giselle
til dusk do we wait,
Jaq xx

Nov 7, 2012

I Love It

Insecure Writers Support Group

I'm ready.

Maybe its the old NaNo fever circling around, I'm not sure.  All I know is for this past month I have been committing to some world building and story development.

I am done with dipping my toes in the literary pool, watching others make their swan dives with precision and awe.

Although my first WIP is still where it stands in the corner of my mind, I have been exploring some visual stimulants to cast a few other tales.  The main catalyst has been truly surprising.  I highly depend upon first impressions when I see a picture or photograph, my first thought is usually wrought with some line of possibility that manifests into flash.  Naively I have always neglected this during trifle browsings, relying on memory to reproduce such ideas at convenient times where it will have my full attention.

The past three days I have been jotting down these spontaneous inspos, often leading to paragraphs of 'what ifs' and so far totalling some 1293 words of sketchy brainstorming and random dialogue.  My very own NotNaNo.

Considering I am supposed to be cramming for finals in my other life I am pretty chuffed with how freely these ideas are forming when captured in the spur.

In committing, I cannot promise a timeline as I will shortly be gallivanting off to the motherland and its various cousins, but I can say that I hope you enjoyed pieces such as Wraith, the tales of Georgia and Color, or at least see the same potential I strive to build upon.

from sjp.

Nov 3, 2012


From the absence and the silence,

The blood dried quickly on my skin, its decaying darkness shattered across the cracks of my shaking hands. I knew I must wash it away, cleanse myself beneath the cold purity of water to be renewed, and drown the sinister thoughts taunting the irrational depths of my mind.

Yet still I lay, curled upon your rich textured carpet, the horrifying warmth of a crimson pool congealing against my cheek, its torrid smell suffocating my shallow breaths.

I feel as though I have been cheated, as though I should be racked with such inconsolable grief and trauma, except even my tears have abandoned me.  My body aches with strain but every time I summon the will to move, the weight is shifted and your lifeless touch brushes against mine, awakening a new sense of nausea.

My fingertips absently graze the tainted luxury surrounding us, beyond repair or salvation.  I am not sure what I'm waiting for.  I only know that if I were to look and find your eyes devoid of a soul, I may lose the last pieces of mine.

I return,
Jaq xx

Nov 1, 2012


Thanks to the lovely Rhiann at A Nest of Words.

Answer the eleven questions.
Ask eleven questions of your own.

Choose eleven worthy bloggers (with fewer than 200 followers).

1. If you were to choose a Nom de Plume, what would it be?
Would stick with Jaq, maybe with my real last name.

2. What is your favourite flower?
Frangipani, it is the embodiment of summer and exotic islands.

3. If you had to live prior to 1900, what century would you choose, and why?
I couldnt choose, I would love to be in a medieval era full of archery, but cannot resist all the Victorian age fashions and respectability and would die for a masquerade ball.

4. What is your motto?
Known for saying stress less :)

5. Lake or ocean, and why?
The ocean.  I love the panoramic sun drenched beach, leaping into the spray, and laughing in your mates car coated in salt with crazy hair as you drive along the coast.

6. Tell us three things about a favourite character you've created.
I have never fully planned it, and guess I just get to know him with each scene, but his name is Damon, he thinks he is alone yet craves companionship, can be stubborn and angry because of his strong sense of honour, and loathes the cold.

7. You're in a car and this song comes on the radio - you can't change the station fast enough.
As long as the radio is tuned to Triple J I can usually sit through it, unless its heavy metal :P

8. Which author influences you most as a writer, and in what way?
The ones that stay with me, I do not know if they influence my writing, but they certainly influence my reading... see them here.

9. When you get writer's block, doing this helps. (If you never get writer's block I'm blowing raspberries at you).
Alot of my favourite flash pieces have come from putting my head to my desk in frustration only to catch a stray thought and the inspiration flows from there.  Otherwise I am infatuated with Pinterest and music will always shape my mind.

If it is true writers block where I despise everything I write and not even blogging helps, I leave and do not come back until I know I could flash again.

10. What movie scared you (and maybe scarred you)?
Often I find the concept scarier than the movie and dont really remember the terrifying ones...

But I do remember the rubbish ones that made me laugh and cringe, like Prom Night or Paranormal Activity.  Recently I watched Cabin in the Woods which is worth it, the predictability matches the twist as two genres seem to collide (more sci-fi than horror?)

11. What's your favourite Halloween candy?
We do not really do Halloween here, but I will eat a bag of Kool Mints without fail, loved Minties as a kid, and always have a stash of Mentos around... though lately I am craving Malteasers... and MMs.

1. If you were to choose a Nom de Plume, what would it be?
2. Sun, rain or snow?
3. What country would you love to live in?
4. Favourite actor and why?
5. Risk averse or adrenaline junkie?
6. What music has captured you lately?
7. Plotter or Pantser?
8. What would you save in a house fire?
9. If you were a character on a TV show, which one would you be?
10. What did you want to be when you grew up?
11. Whats the best dessert?

I am going to open this one up, if you are dying to answer some questions then leave a link.  Better yet, if you know of an amazing blog that deserves some attention share the details, I want to expand my reading list :)

from sjp
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