Nov 7, 2012

I Love It

Insecure Writers Support Group

I'm ready.

Maybe its the old NaNo fever circling around, I'm not sure.  All I know is for this past month I have been committing to some world building and story development.

I am done with dipping my toes in the literary pool, watching others make their swan dives with precision and awe.

Although my first WIP is still where it stands in the corner of my mind, I have been exploring some visual stimulants to cast a few other tales.  The main catalyst has been truly surprising.  I highly depend upon first impressions when I see a picture or photograph, my first thought is usually wrought with some line of possibility that manifests into flash.  Naively I have always neglected this during trifle browsings, relying on memory to reproduce such ideas at convenient times where it will have my full attention.

The past three days I have been jotting down these spontaneous inspos, often leading to paragraphs of 'what ifs' and so far totalling some 1293 words of sketchy brainstorming and random dialogue.  My very own NotNaNo.

Considering I am supposed to be cramming for finals in my other life I am pretty chuffed with how freely these ideas are forming when captured in the spur.

In committing, I cannot promise a timeline as I will shortly be gallivanting off to the motherland and its various cousins, but I can say that I hope you enjoyed pieces such as Wraith, the tales of Georgia and Color, or at least see the same potential I strive to build upon.

from sjp.


  1. Take the sketchy and the random and run.

  2. Good for you on the world-building and story development. Enjoy your writing process, and I agree with farawayeyes, run with it. :)

  3. All the best for you wip. And yes I have enjoyed ur writing always...:)


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