Nov 9, 2012



She brushed her fingers gently against his pallid cheek where he lay, caught in feverish sleep, knowing it was her turn to show strength. With her back to a crooked tree she appraised the peaceful fields beyond the fraying cloth of their lean-to; the region bathed in the suns golden glare as it made its cosmic dive beyond this world.  Breathing in the tender air of spring Melody savoured the serene moment.  Feeling his body tense beside her and noting his brow begin to furrow she shifted closer to rest against his form.  Slipping her hand into his she let out a low hushing sound, stroking his forehead until it relaxed back into normal sleep.

"You have nothing to fear" she whispered into the quiet twilight.

The dry grass itched at her underside as she watched the washed out cloth undulate softly beneath a cool breeze.  Drawing comfort from his warmth she tried to doze, hoping this night would hold fewer terrors than the last.

Silk - Giselle
til dusk do we wait,
Jaq xx

1 comment:

  1. This is so cool! It's so peaceful yet so tense at the same time. Good job. :)


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