Nov 3, 2012


From the absence and the silence,

The blood dried quickly on my skin, its decaying darkness shattered across the cracks of my shaking hands. I knew I must wash it away, cleanse myself beneath the cold purity of water to be renewed, and drown the sinister thoughts taunting the irrational depths of my mind.

Yet still I lay, curled upon your rich textured carpet, the horrifying warmth of a crimson pool congealing against my cheek, its torrid smell suffocating my shallow breaths.

I feel as though I have been cheated, as though I should be racked with such inconsolable grief and trauma, except even my tears have abandoned me.  My body aches with strain but every time I summon the will to move, the weight is shifted and your lifeless touch brushes against mine, awakening a new sense of nausea.

My fingertips absently graze the tainted luxury surrounding us, beyond repair or salvation.  I am not sure what I'm waiting for.  I only know that if I were to look and find your eyes devoid of a soul, I may lose the last pieces of mine.

I return,
Jaq xx


  1. I "enjoyed" that - very nicely written! I've nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award (seems kind of ironic given your latest post, but anyway...) Details at my blog if you'd like to go get it.

  2. This is gorgeous.

    Also. Been WAAAY too long since I've been here, and I had to scroll waaaaaay down to see all the incredible pics...

    1. That makes two of us :) glad you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

  3. I have the strangest feeling that your very first book would be a best seller... Love. Love LOVE it.

    1. Reading that gave me such shivers! Thank you so much.


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