Sep 26, 2012

Follow Swap

The Follow-Swap Blog Hop

Once again My Write Spot has uncovered a colourful blog hop which I have been irresistibly drawn to!  The trick is to offer up your most prized content to lure in those unsuspecting penguins ;)  To combat indecision I linked a random recent post.  Though now I would like to highlight what you have considered to be my best content:

Beyond The Hourglass Bridge

No Surprises - I wrote this piece in the adrenaline rushed glory of something last minute, a blogfest held by the gorgeous Cherie Reich was closing and I was determined to make that linky.  But my mind was scrambled, I couldnt think of anything for the prompt, especially after seeing some of the amazing entries, and I just could not settle on any photographs rolling through the internet.  Finally while watching a lecture I started writing, making up the story as I went (completely pantsing it) until 10 minutes later I had a piece of flash.

But this was for a contest, and self doubt was debilitating, I had to off load.  Only the one girl who knew of my literary escapades was not contactable, so I turned to another, guaranteed their secrecy and sacrificed a piece of anonymity in exchange for feedback.  It still makes me queasy.

It was worth it though, it gave me enough confidence to submit and ultimately through some mystery of luck become a finalist.  I was walking on air for a week.  I still think its a shocking title, but I could not get that Radiohead song out of my head...

Lost - from my Five Sentence Fiction forays, this was something written quite personally and for that its a favourite.  It was that moment looking for something when you put your head to your desk knowing defeat is near, and that one line of inspiration comes from nowhere.

Lost In the Light - (a close fourth) the first Visual Dare challenge, the rules of which I shattered abysmally, but once I began scribbling on a note pad I could not stop at just 100 words, those eyes were too compelling.  And I didnt want to stop, that was the longest piece of continuous writing I had done in a while (not to mention the most dialogue), and it had me fondly contemplating my wip.  The characters interactions were compelling, and I immensely enjoyed writing it.

pretty chuffed,
from sjp.

Sep 12, 2012


Visual Dare

The shadowing veil of the heavens above rumbled their disquiet, withholding the reprieve of daylight.  The silent avenue lay obscured by a scattered mass, the distinct cut of a heel piercing the horizon, tangled shoelaces flung across the side walk.  Hayes frowned with bitter regret as he strode through the discarded footwear radiating from the town centre, gripping his briefcase tightly to control the frustration as he was confronted with his failure.  They had refused his message.  He kept his head bowed, avoiding the stares of condemnation as they watched his departure with an air of fervent triumph.

word count: 98

hello again,
Jaq xx

Sep 9, 2012


Blank Page

He held the aged parchment, a turmoil of emotions assaulting him driven by anguish and confusion.  Its wispy texture felt too fragile between his fingertips, the link to her presence to tenuous as he came to terms with its reality.

It was blank.

The letter from his mother was blank.

That devastating swell of hope that had infected his thoughts all morning left him crushed beneath its falsity.  As the evening deepened he had been afforded a measure of privacy to confront his past in peace, to deal with what was offered as he may.  Yet without the gift of insight, he found himself beginning to truly mourn what he had never possessed, admonishing his own childish desire for some connection to the woman he had never known.

Lifting his unseeing gaze to the dimly lit room he wondered, not for the first time, what the young woman everyone had been so enchanted over would have been like.  He struggled to envisage her glowing smile full of love, but could only find memories of his father's pain when he recognised their likeness.

He wanted to leave, it was that continual pull from beyond these boundaries, the feeling that this place only caused harm, yet he remained seated holding his mothers letter, watching the few candles sputter their last call.  Footsteps below made him aware of the questions that would be waiting, but he ignored them.  He had no energy for composure, barely holding his head above the heaving pressure of regrets threatening to overwhelm, wishing for that numbness to take over.

Closing his eyes, he couldn't bring himself to discard the parchment, he did not understand its significance, only that he would not let go.

the first thoughts of my wip put to written words in years,
Jaq xx

Sep 5, 2012

Looking Back

Is it Wednesday already?

Who knew August would last so long?  Leading this double life is distracting to say the least, while the days of the real world seem to tumble by, the 2012 Blog Flash gave the illusion of being caught up in a wonderful yet arduous journey.  It started so promisingly, I got in the flow of things, pinterest was ever inspiring,

and then somehow...
it all began to slowly...
drop off.
I turned up to a marathon thinking I could do a few quick sprints, 50-100 words seemed managable, but I have never been one for limits and before I knew it I was left in the dust of all those fabulous bloggers.
I uphold the positives though, a strangely vibrant and excitingly unexpected concept crept up on me in the form of color, and I did surpass my dismal attempt at the A to Z Challenge.  Not to mention the optimistic motivation to experiment with writing style (or at least a move away from imagery and scene setting).
I cannot promise alot for September, study commitments and amazing bands have me booked, and I want to ease back into a realistic schedule after abandoning ship.
bear with me,
from sjp
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