Jan 19, 2013

18 Things

A blogfest to encourage reflection and maybe a little recklessness, Jamie Ayres has challenged us to record our own 18 Things bucket list for her upcoming book;

  1. Buy my own house, with my own garden and furniture and memories.
  2. Go backpacking again, probably Asia this time.
  3. Work and live in London.
  4. Always read, and always enjoy it.
  5. Set aside time for artistic endeavours, sketching, painting, mosaics.
  6. Be a photographer, travel to amazing places, get those amazing shots that never seem to work on a digital camera.
  7. Always find my way back to those true mates, you know who.
  8. Write that WIP, because I love reading what there is of it, and I never want it to stop.
  9. Tell myself I can.
  10. Keep trying to find that peace.
  11. Think about opening up.  But not too much.  Maybe just a little.
  12. Drive a Porsche 911 GT3 or Turbo, black with a red spoiler.
  13. See The Grates live, because Patience is an amazing front woman.
  14. Never stop loving Triple J.
  15. Make my career worth it.
  16. Actually learn how to play guitar and piano, because I am not a reliable teacher.
  17. Buy a motorbike.
  18. Dont kill my family, and maybe run less.  Or more.

Check out her book, other lists, and sign up yourself.
And keep up what I have so far,
I wouldnt change it.
from sjp


  1. Nice list of things. I would love to learn to play the violin. I already know piano (barely) n a bit of drums haha.
    Oh n I wud also love to read ur WIP!
    Keep writing! :)

    1. I LOVE the violin, but figure I should probably start with the instruments sitting in my room first ;)

  2. I'm probably with you on #11... Great list!

  3. Great list! Good luck with achieving all your goals. :-)

  4. Love it!!! Run less . . . or more . . . not kill my family, hahaha:-) Thanks for playing, mate!

  5. Being open is a very difficult thing, I'm with you there. Love the list though and looks like you have a great possibility of achieving them. I hope we all do!

  6. Haha thanks everyone, every time I look back at this list it looks more and more possible, progress should be interesting :)

  7. These are great, I'd love to drive a rockin' fast car one day, with no speed limits...!! Check out my 18 things on pinterest if you're interested: http://pinterest.com/ajbradley74/18-things-bucket-list/

  8. Great list. I especially like #9

  9. Love your list! I hope to one day do #1 too, minus the garden. :)

  10. That's an awesome list. You've got great goals!


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