Jan 2, 2013


Apologies for such an extensive absence,
but this Wednesday surely snuck up on me...

Well during such a hiatus I have not put much thought to the stressful undercurrents that accompany writing, and therefore have not overly succumbed to any insecurities in particular.  However I have been wondering.  While I am experiencing favourable productivity in the way of brainstorming and working beyond the line of flash fiction as aforementioned, will I ever be able to do so on such a phenomenal scale as required for a novel?

I am forever in awe of you all, every day finds a new success story with a post on self publishing or completing a final draft or scoring an agent.  Yet I find that horizon to be so far in the distance I cannot imagine actually approaching it in any near future.

So promptly I open this thought for pondering before I rush off to more adventure; am I fooling myself with the possibility of a future in writing, or am I holding myself back?

ps: I promise to make it to other entries by next week but I really must run :)

ever the underachiever,
from sjp.


  1. Don't give up, your words enthrall me. I didn't write for ten years, because I felt too insecure to do so, but now I can't not write. You're not fooling yourself, your words are too important and too beautiful not to write!

  2. Happy New Year!

    And definitely keep writing. If all you write is flash fiction and short stories, then you are still a writer. People can make livings on being a short story writer. And perhaps you haven't found the right idea for your novel yet.

  3. Happy New Year.
    You will wait for what seems like eternity for that first big step in publishing, then it will all happen at once. Your head will not be able to keep up. Don't worry, your time will be here soon.

  4. Thanks guys you are all completely right, I don't think I could stop myself from writing even if I tried, once you see stories in your daydreams there is no going back ;)

  5. In some ways, I think it's more difficult to write short fiction than novels. Novels are just really long daydreams extended over a lot of days. :) New follower.


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