Feb 16, 2013


from 5.11.12
some good was written that day.

"Would you jump?"


"But would you?"  He stared at me, trying to focus on my features, concentrating on the thoughts flowing through my mind like the gentle tides below.

"N-o."  I reiterated stubbornly, flicking salt laden hair from my face and looking off towards the horizon where the sun burned its intense white light.

"I would," he continued, seemingly satisfied with what he saw in my answer.  "I would jump into the open sky and sail into the heavens, flying over exotic lands like tapestries."  He mused, closing his eyes and spreading his arms out casually.

With a mixture of amusement and concern I did the same, feeling the coastal winds brush heartily past my tanning limbs, intertwining my fingers in the freshness of the air.

"That's what they say its like, exotic things, they call them tapestries."  An edge coming into his voice, as though he felt the need to convince me of the worlds wonders on the other side.  "They say there's all these smells and tastes and textures that are just beyond exotic that your mind spins out."  I laugh at his developing nonsense and crack my eyes open to catch the mischievous grin spreading across his face.

"Haven't you ever wanted to ride an elephant, or stalk a lion, or climb a temple, or..." he suddenly whispered, "Meet a prince?"  He chuckled at my look of annoyance as I shoved him sideways, our feet flailing against the open skies as we fell to our backs against the jetty tousling and jeering exotic insults.

the reminiscence of my musings,
Jaq xx

Feb 6, 2013

The Week

Insecure Writer's Support Group


I don't know if this is an insecurity so much as something that could help me bring down a door, only to wonder if I really should go down that corridor...

But then I don't even know if it's that either, I'm too apprehensive to think of a better metaphor today.

Okay, so I have steadily kept up my progress as touted in a IWSG post a couple of months ago, and after reading a post about small goals (100 words a day) that somehow resonated with me, I unconsciously made the decision to write a little for my WIP a day.

I was pretty surprised to say the least about what has come from this.  While I only expected musings and random dialogue, I discovered an... enhanced beginning, which worried me.  Was I going to change the beginning and cause implications for the rest of the plot?

But upon a Loss vs Gain analysis I realised not everything has to change; cultivating these scenes could actually be the catalyst I didn't realise I was looking for.

So not really a total insecurity, more of an 'assessing the jump and waiting for bystanders to agree that it seems legit' post today.

to be unexpected,
from sjp

The Week - Loon Lake
Holy Roller - Thao and The Get Down Stay Downs
Fitzpleasure - alt j

Feb 2, 2013


Visual Dare #5


Her soft voice echoed through the dim, that divine timbre the purest bliss to his soul. He raised hopeless eyes, the sight of her face rising from the cold darkness leaving him winded, his heart struggling to find its place. He tried to call out to her, though to say what his mind could not know, as she faded through the bleak night.

“...love-”  His hoarse voice creaked from parched lips. Hanging his head in disgust he wished to beg a thousand words of mercy just to glimpse her face once more through this anguish.

A breath lingered in his ear, he could almost hear her trying to suppress the laughter in her voice as her beauty rose like a spectre before him, eclipsing the shadows. He fell into her smile, knowing he would suffer any eternity to reach her again, for without her life was absent.

word count: 147

previous: Lost In the Light
defy the darkness,
Jaq xx
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