Feb 2, 2013


Visual Dare #5


Her soft voice echoed through the dim, that divine timbre the purest bliss to his soul. He raised hopeless eyes, the sight of her face rising from the cold darkness leaving him winded, his heart struggling to find its place. He tried to call out to her, though to say what his mind could not know, as she faded through the bleak night.

“...love-”  His hoarse voice creaked from parched lips. Hanging his head in disgust he wished to beg a thousand words of mercy just to glimpse her face once more through this anguish.

A breath lingered in his ear, he could almost hear her trying to suppress the laughter in her voice as her beauty rose like a spectre before him, eclipsing the shadows. He fell into her smile, knowing he would suffer any eternity to reach her again, for without her life was absent.

word count: 147

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defy the darkness,
Jaq xx


  1. Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! I was waiting forever to read more of your flash!

  2. As mysterious as the photo subject herself!

  3. 'Evanescent' came to mind...beautifully put!

  4. Achingly gorgeous!! Impressionistic, beautifully textured. Thanks for sharing!!!


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