Mar 29, 2013


Visual Dare #13

The presence of the fog sent chills down his spine as he waded between the pylons, flinching as the rotten wood flaked away at his touch.  His heart had not paused from its frantic beat since he first entered the calm mist; waiting for it to rise and consume him like it had so many before, ready to vanish at the slightest disturbance.  Yet a small part ignored the terror of what he was trying to do, and revelled in the salty foam that swirled around him, splashing at his waist.  He could almost feel its icy cold caress, taste the salt as it coated his skin, and wished to sit above, leaning out from the bridge to gaze across an ocean broiling with colour and life.  Instead he gripped the next post and pushed on; praying he was right and the other side held more than just death.

word count: 150

ghost boy,
Jaq xx

Mar 20, 2013

Ally in Wonderland

learning to edit,

The richly scented leaves brushed past her in a flood of green stained shadow, tangled limbs of foliage catching at her, urging her to remain, only the warm comforting strength that gripped her hand kept her running forward.  Every root she stumbled over, each whisper that sent her muscles tight with fear, Will was there to pull her through.  Finally they erupted from the barrier of undergrowth, her momentum carrying her forward into his arms, a smile alighting his face as he stared down at her, eyes wide in happiness.

"You followed" he whispered, a sense of awe clear in his voice as he held her briefly.

"You asked if I would," she answered breathlessly, trying to focus on her surroundings, realising she could not see much farther than the clearing they had emerged upon in the darkness.  "But, where are we?" she exclaimed in confusion.

"Where your adventure begins," he laughed, nodding his head to where a small stone path began.  She crossed the clearing tentatively, gazing up to the canopy of vines intermingling above, the faintest outline of the dim heavens filtering through with each breath of wind.  She looked to his face dappled with flashes of ivory light, taking courage in his confidence.

As she disappeared through the shadows he spied the golden eyes that had stalked her footsteps, setting his jaw grimly he returned its stare.  "Let her be my deliverance".

on watch,
Jaq xx

Mar 10, 2013


Five Sentence Fiction

The evening rises around me, an incoming breeze cooling the days heat as everything begins to fade into darkness.  But I still burn; my legs ache from running but I can't stop, not until I am far enough.  A stitch tears at my insides, though not as much as the need to scream grips my chest until my throat tightens with tears.  I want to yell in frustration, fight all those who cause this hurt until they understand.  Instead it all just falls to a whisper, and I keep running into the obscurity of night.

little shadow,
Jaq xx

perfectionist note: needs some flesh...

Mar 6, 2013


Insecure Writers Support Group

Do you know what I like about the Insecure Writers Support Group?  Aside from the generous support of course.

It's that every time that first Wednesday rolls around and I think I have been free of anything seriously concerning, I get that little epiphany moment and see that problem I didn't realise I had been avoiding all month.

The most obvious has been my lack of a schedule or any visible productivity, and I may confess I have stumbled recently with my whole 'write a little everyday' thing.  It wasn't anything major that drove me away, just life events really.  An overseas trip and an unconscious need for a little escapism that has had me devouring books.  Even now the reader in me is demanding more.

Is it okay to take a break and indulge the reader?  I think it is :)

But here's to not letting the writer off the hook, I had a routine and like exercising I need to stay on it.  I need to actually commit, like an appointment, keep writing everyday, start publishing once a week.

What do you want to see more of?

to optimistic goal setting,
Jaq xx

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