Mar 20, 2013

Ally in Wonderland

learning to edit,

The richly scented leaves brushed past her in a flood of green stained shadow, tangled limbs of foliage catching at her, urging her to remain, only the warm comforting strength that gripped her hand kept her running forward.  Every root she stumbled over, each whisper that sent her muscles tight with fear, Will was there to pull her through.  Finally they erupted from the barrier of undergrowth, her momentum carrying her forward into his arms, a smile alighting his face as he stared down at her, eyes wide in happiness.

"You followed" he whispered, a sense of awe clear in his voice as he held her briefly.

"You asked if I would," she answered breathlessly, trying to focus on her surroundings, realising she could not see much farther than the clearing they had emerged upon in the darkness.  "But, where are we?" she exclaimed in confusion.

"Where your adventure begins," he laughed, nodding his head to where a small stone path began.  She crossed the clearing tentatively, gazing up to the canopy of vines intermingling above, the faintest outline of the dim heavens filtering through with each breath of wind.  She looked to his face dappled with flashes of ivory light, taking courage in his confidence.

As she disappeared through the shadows he spied the golden eyes that had stalked her footsteps, setting his jaw grimly he returned its stare.  "Let her be my deliverance".

on watch,
Jaq xx


  1. Very evocative. And the last sentence just adds the perfect amount of suspense! :)

  2. Mysterious and captivating, and deliverance from what? Lovely!

  3. Ooo, I loved this! It has a dark feel to it.

  4. Intriguing piece. I'd definitely be interested to know what happens next.


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