Mar 6, 2013


Insecure Writers Support Group

Do you know what I like about the Insecure Writers Support Group?  Aside from the generous support of course.

It's that every time that first Wednesday rolls around and I think I have been free of anything seriously concerning, I get that little epiphany moment and see that problem I didn't realise I had been avoiding all month.

The most obvious has been my lack of a schedule or any visible productivity, and I may confess I have stumbled recently with my whole 'write a little everyday' thing.  It wasn't anything major that drove me away, just life events really.  An overseas trip and an unconscious need for a little escapism that has had me devouring books.  Even now the reader in me is demanding more.

Is it okay to take a break and indulge the reader?  I think it is :)

But here's to not letting the writer off the hook, I had a routine and like exercising I need to stay on it.  I need to actually commit, like an appointment, keep writing everyday, start publishing once a week.

What do you want to see more of?

to optimistic goal setting,
Jaq xx

Around Here - Thelma Plum
Giant Tortoise - Pond
Brighter Than Gold - The Cat Empire


  1. It's definitely easy to fall out of practice when it comes to writing. But, at least, you're reading and that's a good companion activity to writing, I'd say.

    Once you get back in the swing of things, it'll be like you never left :)

  2. Maybe it's possible to satisfy the reader in you along with the writer. Try something like book reviews.
    But then sometimes it is better to take a little break.
    Hope you find your niche once again! :)

    1. I have wanted to do a little post about some of the books I read recently, the last one was just too good :)

    2. Nothing better than writing about a book you have absolutely loved.
      Which book was it?
      Waiting for that post.. ;)

  3. I'm trying to indulge both the reader and the writer this month, because they've been so neglected while I queried.

    But yeah, I think it's good to read. Boosts our creativity.

  4. I think I'm a little like you. I go at things in fits and spurts ... and I think it's a good thing (well this is what I tell myself anyway).

    It means that I'm doing what I'm passionate about. I'm devouring books. I'm pouring myself onto the page. Writing when inspired makes writing that much easier.

  5. Reading is so important. I am just the opposite, I DON'T read enough and I need to spend some time every day doing it. I used to read ALL THE TIME before I starting writing. NOW... well, not good. I did read one book this year so far. But I had planned at least one a month. Doesn't sound like much, but last year I hadn't read any. Life....

  6. In my opinion....YES! Reading is paramount and there are times when you just need to feed that hunger...even if it means sacrificing some writing time. :)


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