Mar 10, 2013


Five Sentence Fiction

The evening rises around me, an incoming breeze cooling the days heat as everything begins to fade into darkness.  But I still burn; my legs ache from running but I can't stop, not until I am far enough.  A stitch tears at my insides, though not as much as the need to scream grips my chest until my throat tightens with tears.  I want to yell in frustration, fight all those who cause this hurt until they understand.  Instead it all just falls to a whisper, and I keep running into the obscurity of night.

little shadow,
Jaq xx

perfectionist note: needs some flesh...


  1. The imagery is beautiful yet painful Jaq that you have portrayed. The mood I am in right now..I take this on and welcome a run into the obscurity of the night.

  2. Beautiful imagery! That last line is just wonderful.

  3. Reading your words, we can feel the burn... and the greater pain inside that running soothes... at least temporarily. Very well written, smooth and concise!

  4. Those words mean something to me.. If they come from some place inside you I send hugs... If they are just words I say.. beautifully composed...xx

    Sending from my blogger blog. Always a prob commenting from WP to blogger..xx

    WP is here..

  5. Painful, but so often we hide our pain...just run until it's buried...beautiful.

  6. Thanks everyone, I am glad this piece worked well, and Rosalind hugs received :)


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