Apr 3, 2013

Keeping Up

Insecure Writers Support Group

The other month, a friend and confidant of mine mentioned I might have a problem.  Obviously I denied it, I didn't want it to be true, but I cannot help but see her point.

The gist of it was that although I have some really great ideas, I seem to be getting distracted by a new exciting idea before I actually start developing it properly.

And as I had been in the middle of explaining my latest exciting idea, a small part of me realised she was right.

Which made me a little... sad?  Because I hate that feeling, when you look back on that great new idea you started and wonder where all the excitement went.  When did it stop consuming all your thought?  The world is there, the premise, the characters, you even know bits of the plot.

So where did the urgency go?

The initial rush may have dissipated somewhat, but I still love my ideas, and for me multitasking works.  I never have to force myself to write for a story I'm not feeling at that moment.  I write for the ones that have my attention.

They all get a little love :)

Jaq xx


  1. That happens with me too. But I usually jot down the idea and stash it away. Then when I'm bored with my current WIP, I revisit that idea and expand its plot.

  2. I find it hard to work on many pieces at the same time, but I know of many writers that do an amazing job like that. As long as you keep going back to all of them, I think you'll be fine.

  3. You aren't alone. I know many writers who feel like this and have several half-finished manuscripts to show for it.

  4. I used to be like that, but once I hit upon Doorways and realized that it would be "The One", I made a choice to shut down any new ideas I had except one older one.

    Don't regret it for a moment. Because if I hadn't focused, I'd never have finished it. Doorways was incredibly difficult to draft, so I'd just have run around between stories, rather than focusing on the one I wanted to finish.

    1. And theres the crux, my WIP is different and although I am fine with multitasking my other projects, I think it does need that undivided attention alot more.

  5. There's nothing wrong with working on multiple ideas. It's just what works best for you. We're all different, and that's a good thing. :)

  6. You're fine. It happens. The main thing is that you are writing and feeling engaged by the ideas as you focus upon them.

    In time, perhaps, you'll focus a little more on the craft of the composition than the joy of the inspiration. I needed the desire to actually share some work to come forward a little more to push me into the half of the work which is edit and revision.

    Just keep at it. It'll work out in the end.


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